European Terrorist Attacks

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European Terrorist Attacks by Mind Map: European Terrorist Attacks

1. Manchester Attack

1.1. Suicide bombing in Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande Concert

1.2. 22.04.2017

1.3. 22 people died (not including the suicide bomber) and a further 139 were injured

1.4. The suicide bomber was 22 year old Salman Ramadan Abedi - he was acting alone but others were aware of the attack

1.5. On June 4th, Ariana Grande held 'One Love Manchester' (see image) a benefit concert that raised £17 million

2. Belgium Bombings

2.1. 22.03.2016

2.2. 3 nail bombings

2.2.1. 2 at Brussels Airport

2.2.2. 1 at Maalbeek metro station in Bruseels

2.3. 32 killed, over 300 injured

2.4. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility

2.5. Deadliest terrorist attack in Belgian history, 3 official days of national mourning

3. Charlie Hebdo

3.1. 07.01.2015

3.2. Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, acting in the name of Al Qaeda. They were shot dead on 9th January, 2 days later

3.3. Attack on the offices of French newspaper Charlie Hebdo

3.4. With assault rifles and other weapons they killed 11 people and injured 11 others in the building before also murdering a French police officer outside

3.5. 2 million people met in Paris for a rally of national unity and a further 3.7 in other areas of the country.

3.6. The next print ran 7.95 million copies in 6 languages compared to it's normal 60,000 in French

4. Norway Attacks

4.1. The attacks were carried out by Anders Behring Breivik, a far right Norwegian terrorist, he's now in jail.

4.2. Killed 77 people on 22.07.2011

4.2.1. 8 by detonating a van bomb in Oslo

4.2.2. He then shot 69 participants of a Workers Youth League summer camp on Utøya island

4.3. On the day of the attacks he published a text in which he stated his opposition to Islam and blamed feminism for "European cultural suicide". It called for all muslims to be deported from Europe and he said the main motive for his attacks was to promote his manifesto

4.4. Since his imprisonment, Anders has identified himself as a Nazi and a fascist who practises Odinism

5. Nice Truck Attack

5.1. 14.07.2016

5.2. A 19 tonne cargo truck was intentionally driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille day in Nice, France

5.3. 86 people were killed and a further 458 injrued

5.4. Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel carried out the attack and was shot at the scene. Islamic State claimed responsibility

5.5. There was an official 3 day mourning period after the attack and large groups gathered at the scene with flowers and prayers