Science (Chapter 1)

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Science (Chapter 1) by Mind Map: Science (Chapter 1)

1. Work

1.1. Scientific Work

1.1.1. Requires one to have Keen observation Open-mindeness Patience Objectivity Perserverence Creativity Team spirit Integrity

1.1.2. Requires knowledge of Hazard symbols Laboratory rules Apparatus and equipment

1.2. Scientific Method

1.2.1. Making observations

1.2.2. Analyse, infer and predict

1.2.3. Plan experiments to test hypotheis

1.2.4. Record and analyse results

1.2.5. Discuss with others

1.2.6. Summarise results and draw conclusions

1.2.7. Communicate findings to others

2. Application

2.1. Technology

2.2. Benefits

2.2.1. New node New node

2.3. Abuses

2.4. Limitations