politics B outcome 2!

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politics B outcome 2! by Mind Map: politics B outcome 2!

1. The unit expects us to describe and analyse​ key developments from 1979 in the process of establishing devolution​ powers and functions of the Scottish Parliament and Executive ​ impact of devolution on Scotland ​ impact of proportional representation on the Scottish political system​ debates regarding the concepts of unionism, devolution and separatism

1.1. The Andrew Marr documentary really helps with an insight into the key developments since 1979 Scotland and the Battle for Britain -Episode 1 BBC Documentary 2016

1.2. The role and function of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive are actually two different things. The Parliament is just that it's the elected Parliament made up of the 129 MSP's that we return after a Scottish Parliamentary Election (last held in 2016 and next due in 2021). The first thing to say on their role and function is that this is defined by devolved powers

1.2.1. devolved powers include Courts, Education, Health, Agriculture, Police, Business Support, Environment, Fishing, Culture, Transport, Fire and Rescue & Sport,... Stamp Duty, Land Tax, Landfill Tax, Borrowing Powers and the rate of Scottish Income Tax have all been added in recent years...... there is an extensive list of reserved and devolved powers here Executive (Scotland) https://www.politics.co.uk/reference/executive-scotland

1.2.2. Some powers are however reserved for Westminster and these include: Defense & National Security, Many aspects of welfare benefits, Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Macro Economic Policy, Energy Regulation, Broadcasting & The Constitution

1.3. What about the powers of the Executive in it's most straightforward terms the Scottish Government (Executive) has the power and the responsibility to deliver in terms of Devolved Issues for the people of Scotland. They have the responsibility and power to propose and enact Law and Social Policy in these devolved areas and to propose a Scottish Budget to Parliament for scrutiny that details how Scotland shall raise and spend it's income each year.

1.3.1. Ministers are all responsible to the Scottish Parliament and as such open to scrutiny the most stark example being First Minister's Questions held weekly in Parliament on a Thursday... see them in action here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006m9rb BBC Parliament - Scottish First Minister's Questions (as they are broadcast)