Estrategies for CAE Reading Part 6

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Estrategies for CAE Reading Part 6 by Mind Map: Estrategies for CAE Reading Part 6

1. Read twice

1.1. Common sense

1.1.1. There are questions you do not need to think them much, just infer. The question one said that there is a view about economy that differs with the rest. If most of the alternatives are realated to positive impact, then find the one who had a negative one.

1.2. When you finish, read the questions and read the again the "contributions" you think are related to the quiestion.

2. Read the title

2.1. As this is something basic, it is helpful to underline the information which is directly related to it.

2.2. In this case socciety was ver involved so the impacts to it are the sentences you must find.

3. Read the questions

3.1. These could help you to try to identify the subjects you need to emphasise in the text.

3.2. In this case an example was economy.

4. Underline

4.1. After reading the title and the questions, enfasise your underline to those subjects.

4.2. In this case I underline the impact of advertisement in economy (if it is positive or not) and in the society (if this affects them positevely or some of these makes them feel insecure about themselves).

5. Discard

5.1. As some of the questions said "similar to contribuor D" (for example) you do not need to read again the contribution D.

5.1.1. In addition, if you mark an option, then do not read it again until you finish and check your answers to see if there is any mistake or something that do not matches.

6. Summarize

6.1. When you finish reading each paragraph I recommend you to write next to them the principal ideas so when you read the question again, it will be easy for you to chose what article you need to read.