Improving Contact Centre Service Level Agreement

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Improving Contact Centre Service Level Agreement by Mind Map: Improving Contact Centre Service Level Agreement

1. Analyze time used providing support on different channels, different queries and different products

2. Analyze the feedback received from the Electronic Member Scores received from clients

2.1. Have a dedicated team looking at the feedback to analyze what changes in the SOP’s need to halem

3. Training with changes and product launch

4. Learn from changes in service level analyze the changes of the SLA

4.1. The Changes will help assist with the adjustments of break times to ensure there is proper occupancy

5. Ensure that the system is always working allowing the consultants to fulfill their daily activities and less calls are received from our business partners

5.1. Select team members that can check system before the day starts for the team

6. Optimize workforce management

6.1. Historical call volume trends

6.1.1. Analyzing historical call volume trends will allow for better planning for the team and better communication between the Workforce Planners and Management

6.2. Analyze Time agents spend on calls and after call work

6.2.1. With the results received from analyzing AHT we can then look at the types of calls received for possible adjustments on the required AHT times

6.2.2. Analyzing these calls will help develop what kind of training both staff and external clients(Brokers&Franchises) need

7. Increase schedule adherence

7.1. Consultants need to adhere to their scheduled breaks.

7.2. Team Leaders need to constantly monitor schedule adherence and make staffing adjustments accordingly.

7.3. Open communication between consultants and Team Leaders when it comes to schedule and or process changes

7.3.1. Treating consultants like adults

7.4. Currently only weekly meetings are held to discuss challenges experience in the call centre

7.4.1. Daily buzz sessions can be included for important issues

7.5. Build Adherence into goals and KPI objectives

7.5.1. Improved adherence can help improve SLA

8. Improve first call resolution

8.1. Understand Your Issues and Fix Them

8.1.1. Weekly call listening forums with the team

8.2. Identify issues by looking into by holding extensive weekly meetings with the teams affecting contact centre productivity

8.2.1. Involving other business units in the Front Office space

8.3. Analyze the transfer call rate per consultant

9. Improve customer satisfaction

9.1. Improve consultant competency when there are changes going in on system

10. Teach the team about service level and how it affects the business

10.1. The more the team knows how their actions affect the service level the better

10.1.1. Include team in email stats sent to EXCO

10.2. Actively coach the team on how they can help meet their service level objectives

10.2.1. Regular one on one meetings and coaching sessions

10.3. Explain 80/20 service level agreements to the consultants and let it not only be a team leader function

10.3.1. Information sharing

11. Discover a purpose and meaning for the daily tasks set quarterly goals outside of daily responsibilities.

11.1. Review Standard Operating Processes regularly

11.1.1. Review these quarterly update with the changing system

11.2. Involve the consultants when it comes to changes than might be implemented so they feel motivated and a part of the business

11.2.1. When there are changes taking place include the Contact Centre in the testing

12. Daily meetings with consultants

12.1. Better planning for the day and better communication within the team

12.2. Thoughtful Incentives current we are proving the consultants with money and they might need a day off

12.2.1. We discuss escalations and new processes and feedback from other teams