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Pollution by Mind Map: Pollution

1. Nowadays, society is aware of the need to preserve the environment, as well as that the very activity of human beings can cause different types of waste (both in the form of material and energy) that can have consequences and cause alterations both in the environment

2. Causes of environmental pollution -Excessive logging. -Industrial emissions and discharges to the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. -Extraction, processing and refining of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas). -Energy production with fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources.

2.1. Types of pollution When classifying pollution, we can take into account different criteria. However, as a general rule, the main way to classify the types of contamination is the observation of the contaminating element or the one that is contaminated. In this sense we have the following types of contamination.

2.1.1. Atmospheric pollution The best known is the type of pollution that arises from the release of chemical particles into the atmosphere. Also known as pollution, it is the type of pollution that affects through the air. Water pollution This is the effect of the emission and release of polluting substances into the waters. It hinders or alters life and regulatory use, making it non-potable. Usually this contamination is of industrial origin. Food contamination It refers to the presence of different substances in food that cause effects of different magnitude in those who consume it.

2.1.2. Soil and subsoil contamination Caused by the filtration of substances in the soil, it generates physical and chemical alterations in it that make it, for example, uninhabitable, contaminate groundwater or make life growth in the area impossible.

3. Consequences of environmental pollution Damage to health conditions. ... Disappearance of the ozone layer. ... Damage to ecosystems. ... Acid rain. ... Melting of the polar caps.