Motivating Employee

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Motivating Employee by Mind Map: Motivating Employee

1. Definetion

1.1. Energy, Direction, Persistance

2. Early Theories of Motivation

2.1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

2.1.1. Five levels of lower- to higher-order needs

2.2. MacGregor’s Theories X and Y

2.2.1. Maximizing by participate decision making

2.3. Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory

2.3.1. Hygiene Factors and Motivators

2.4. McClelland’s three needs theory

2.4.1. Need for achievement, power, affilliation

3. Contemporary Theories of Motivation

3.1. Goal-Setting Theory

3.1.1. Goals that are accepted , specific and challenging

3.2. Reinforcement Theory

3.2.1. Desired behavior is a function of its consequences,

3.3. Designing Motivating Jobs

3.3.1. Job Characteristics Model (JCM)

3.4. Equity Theory

3.4.1. Distributive justice,Procedural justice

3.5. Expectancy Theory

3.5.1. Effort, performance and rewards

4. Current Issues in Motivation

4.1. Cross-Cultural Challenges

4.2. Motivating People

4.2.1. Motivating Unique Groups of Workers

4.2.2. Motivating Professionals

4.2.3. Motivating Low-Skilled, Minimum-Wage Employees

4.2.4. Motivating Contingent Workers

4.3. Designing Appropriate Rewards Programs

4.3.1. Open-book management

4.3.2. Employee recognition programs

4.3.3. Pay-for-performance