What’s Wrong With Your University

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What’s Wrong With Your University by Mind Map: What’s Wrong With Your University

1. Universities still matter. They:

1.1. - drive economies; - bring in money; - create new ideas and technologies; - show people how to think; - feed employees into the companies; and - produce artists and innovators, designers and engineers, and policymakers.

2. We have too many administrators

2.1. Each one of these clowns is sucking $100K or more out of our budget every year.

3. Administrators don’t listen to teachers

3.1. Some of my friends baldly admit they went into education with plans to spend as little time teaching as possible

4. Administrators don’t listen to students, either

4.1. They want to show student appreciation by throwing parties with bounce houses in the middle of campus, not by lowering tuition or providing better parking to commuters

5. The curriculum is stuck in the 1950s (like everything else)

5.1. Students never really liked this model

5.2. A college degree isn’t the only way to become trained or qualified for a job anymore

5.3. Some of us have moved to flipped classrooms and project-based learning

5.4. We give assignments based in the real world, to cultivate real skills

6. Most classes are taught by adjuncts and grad students

6.1. You can pay them less than a janitor, and they’re still so grateful

6.2. They’re worked to death

7. Paperwork is a total dumpster fire

7.1. Some universities still try to do everything by actual paper

8. Traditional publishing moves like a zombie

8.1. The average journal takes 6 months to review a manuscript for publication, and another 6 to publish it.

9. Athletic programs drain college budgets dry

9.1. Most universities bleed millions of dollars into sports teams, and the money never comes back

10. Dining services feeds everyone overpriced garbage

10.1. The only healthy thing you can find on a campus is lettuce. Everything else has so much added salt and sugar, you might as well go to a fast food joint