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Collective Wisdom Solutions - Qmarkets, Noam Danon by Mind Map: Collective Wisdom Solutions -
Qmarkets, Noam Danon
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Collective Wisdom Solutions - Qmarkets, Noam Danon

Annual process involving all employees

Raise challenges (Campaigns) for solutions to specific subjects


CEO of Qmarkets

Build software tools to enable large organizations to leverage Wisdom of the Crowds


Make better decisions

How do large organisations do this?


Plenty of information

ony 20%-30% of it is used when needed

how do you get to the right information on the right time?, get the proffessional opinion of relevant employees on spefic subjects

how to let the "lowest" employee state his opinion on challenges relevant to his work

how to predict accurately the success of products

how to envolve 500 or 50K people without getting lost?

The goal:, better decisions

tools used

Prediction markets, for, improve company predictions using collective intelligence, market analysis, sales prediction, risk management, audience, employees, customers, Untitled

Discussion & Ideas managemt, Involve a large group in the process of discovery of ideas & solutions

Case Studies


For finding 5 products for next year

The process, Thinking teams gather ideas & post in portal, Initial filtering by content experts & executives, Ideas are returned to their owners for improvement, Present it so that any employee will understand it, Bring all final ideas to a simplified prediction market of 40K employees

Prediction market, Every employees is given budget of virtual money to split in the ideas, They can see all details on the ideas, Simple UI for doing this, After 2 weeks, management get full information for making the decision

Universal Music

Goal, continuously discover the best products & solutions the company can come up with

The process, Invite all relevant employees to online brainstorm, Distributed process for filtering, Bring the best ideas to the virtual Review commitee

Use Gamification, points for employees involvement & activity, with monthly awards, appointing leaders


Goal, Choose the most effective campaign

The method, Prediction market using the product customers

The process, Give customers virtual stocks, Ask them to invest in campaigns, according to probability of success, They risk their virtual stocks similar to real investment

Delivers very accurate predictions

Education NGO: ח' זה חינוך

Web site with Wisdom of the Crowds tools

Goal, Build an education vision for Israel

The proces, Brainstorming open to all citizens, Token voting for subject prioritization, Virtual round tables, Online voting for all citizens

Virtual Round tables, Funnel based, The system divides randomly the participants to virtual tables, Allocated time to select 1 vision statement & 1 representative, Then iterate with the smaller set of people, Till you end up with tens of statements

Unlike the commercial organization, there's 0 moderation

1st stage starts in few weeks


Largest energy company in Europe

Goal, Improve internal processes & efficiency

The process, 2K management employees, 60% participation, 1350 ideas raised in 9 months, 138 approved, 59 executed, Value of the approved ideas, 11M pound


There are many organizations using these tools with great success

Every organization adjusts the usage to his own goals & culture

different levels of participation

More & more adoption

what am i