Wisdom of the Crowds in FaceBook, Lior Zoref

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Wisdom of the Crowds in FaceBook, Lior Zoref by Mind Map: Wisdom of the Crowds in FaceBook, Lior Zoref

1. conditions for Wisdom-of-the-Crowd exist in Facebook

1.1. Lots of crowd

1.2. Diversity

2. Types of Wisdom-of-the-Crowd

2.1. Cognition

2.1.1. thinking

2.1.2. decision making

2.2. Coordination

2.2.1. eg, concert audience singing never out of pitch

2.3. Cooperation

2.3.1. trying to execute task together

3. Different scenarios

3.1. Quantitative vs Qualitative questions

3.2. Creative idea

3.2.1. Not average, but subjective discovery of exceptions ideas

4. The challenge

4.1. <screenshot of long thread>

4.2. how to convert it to collective intelligence?

4.3. whats the level of reliability in the information in social networks?

4.3.1. metrics Usefulness Recency Accuracy Perceived quality Actual quality Authority Reliability

5. Lior decided to manage his life by the Collective Intelligence - outsource his life decisions to the crowd

5.1. lives by it

5.1.1. so far, never failed

5.2. how does it work?

5.2.1. manage digital relationships

5.3. There are others doing it

5.3.1. Kal Busman priest building his sermon by crowd sourcing gets feedback during the sermon

5.3.2. FM Martindale Woman in the Philipines growing her Son by Crowd Sourcing

5.3.3. Deborah Copaken Kogan after hearing a physican's diagnosis of her Son, posted his image to FaceBook 3 people told her that he may have Kawasaki disease, which is very dangerous They were right

6. Claim:

6.1. Today, the Social Networks are mainly for Sharing, in the future it may be for Thinking

6.1.1. Like Electric Grids that were originally just for light

6.1.2. Social Network as platform for Thinking

7. Example

7.1. Building a presentation using Crowd-Sourcing

7.1.1. Told people he needs to write a presentation for TED

7.1.2. Someone suggested him to bring an Oax to the stage

7.1.3. He thought its a ridiculous idea

7.1.4. But the crowd loved the idea

7.1.5. It was successful See the TED talk

8. Mind sharing

8.1. a proper term

9. Q&A

9.1. How many followers needed?

9.1.1. Many hundreds at least

9.2. Value of contribution by others

9.2.1. But more importantly: Another value of crowd sourcing is Motivation You not only get an answer, but also motivation

9.2.2. Yes, contributors get motivation from being heard