Overview of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

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FOIA by Mind Map: FOIA

1. Background

1.1. Lobbying in the 1990s

1.2. Concerns about "conspiracies"

1.2.1. Untitled Major human disasters Untitled Political incidents Untitled

1.3. USA example

1.3.1. Untitled Legislation since 1967 Untitled Recent example Photos of US military coffins returning from Iraq NY Judge orders CIA to hand over records on Iraq Some UK info Available in the USA Not available in the UK

1.4. Recent coverage

1.4.1. Early coverage UFO reports: Independent 3-2-05 Lack of Govt Info: Independent 2-2-05 Delay in responses: FT 2-2-05

1.4.2. Last few days 515 stories between 1-6-07 and 30-6-07 Wide range of topics

2. Law

2.1. The Acts

2.1.1. Untitled What is it about? Untitled What information? Untitled Who can request? Untitled How can they request? S8 Form Content Handling requests Untitled The Information Commissioner Information Commissioner Scottish Information Commissioner Enforcement & complaints Untitled

2.2. Statutory Instruments

2.2.1. Untitled Information Tribunal provisions Time for compliance Fees

2.3. Codes

2.3.1. Nature Untitled Non-binding Failure to follow might mean breach of Act! Untitled Secretary of State Scottish Ministers Lord Chancellor

2.4. Guidance

2.4.1. Information Commissioner Http://

2.4.2. Scottish Information Commissioner Http://