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2012 Spring Break by Mind Map: 2012 Spring Break
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2012 Spring Break

Shotgun DNA Maping

Things to do

Kinesin Modeling Paper

LANL Proposal (Steve)

Image analysis growth rate

Modify Haiqing software

Image analysis Europe

Probably not do-able this week

Exactly synergistic with UC-Santa Cruz (Saxton)

Tenure benefits

Accepted paper (can't see a route to this this week)

Submitted revisions

Submitted first drafts


Find Richard's SDM comments

Find code for Haiqing

Find Larry / Anthony SDM code


Continue with Richard comments

Collaborate on SDM software

SJK: Contemplate switching languages






Questions for Thursday

Will we have to rerun the simulation for the yeast genomic library?

XhoI software

How long will it take to simulate gaussian noise (by this I mean to run the software)? Can we just do something simple like 1pN, 5pN, and 10pN of noise? Or maybe, 1, 2, 3?

Do we need to do anything to the matching algorithm?