Disclosure Regimes

General MindMap used at training session for EM LawShare on 4 July 2007

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Disclosure Regimes by Mind Map: Disclosure Regimes

1. Where is it going?

1.1. Commercial relationships

1.1.1. Untitled Your confidential information Untitled Assistance Untitled Realities Untitled

1.2. Press

1.2.1. Statutory assistance to investigations

1.2.2. However Journalists appear to have low expectations Journalistic experiences so far are poor Particularly central Govt Lack of explanation for use of exemptions Failure to provide advice & assistance Unexplained redactions Stock-replies to different requests

1.3. Employee disputes

1.3.1. Tactic to be used against public sector employers

1.4. Lobbyists

1.4.1. Specific areas Friends of the Earth FOI generator

1.4.2. Encouraging mass support Vexatious request exemption will not help 20,000 campaign groups plan to use

1.5. Software Solutions

1.5.1. Untitled New market for suppliers New software products

1.6. Aggravation potential

2. About Andrew Mills

2.1. Untitled

2.1.1. Andrew Mills

2.1.2. Background in electronic engineering

2.1.3. Solicitor & European Trade Mark Attorney

2.1.4. Head of intellectual property & IT law team at Freeth Cartwright LLP Untitled About FC LLP

2.1.5. Does lots and lots of stuff relating to intellectual property and information technology

3. Today's focus

3.1. Untitled

3.1.1. DPA issues Manual data exemption expiry Applies to manual data that existed before 24 October 1998 Transistional arrangements of Sch 8 Part III of the DPA Expires 24 October 2007 Relief was already watered down since 24/1/01 by sch 13 DPA Johnson -v- Medical Defence Union Court of Appeal decision Individual selecting information for input is not "processing" Unsound basis for decision Many similarities with the Durant Case.

3.1.2. FOIA issues EU Directive on access to information ICO website improvements Section 40 New Guidance Note Overview Decisions Case studies Untitled

4. Access to information regimes

4.1. Untitled

4.1.1. "Personal" information Data Protection Act 1998

4.1.2. "Environmental" information Environmental Information Regulations 1992

4.1.3. "Public" information Freedom of Information Act 2000 Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

5. Some thoughts...

5.1. Public Sector

5.1.1. Untitled You have to follow the Acts Untitled Untitled Failure to work it well Work it well

5.2. Private Sector using FOIA

5.2.1. Untitled Opportunities Harvest information Risks Untitled