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Pet Lodge Services by Mind Map: Pet Lodge Services

1. Boarding (Cats and Dogs)

1.1. Kennel and Cattery: Overnight stays for pets

1.2. Mandatory upgrades

1.2.1. Flea and Tick Protection

1.2.2. Bath for dogs staying more than 3 days

1.3. Optional Upgrades

1.3.1. Food

1.3.2. Grooming Full styling and cleanliness grooming discount package (includes bath, hair trimming and nail clipping) Hair Trimming Nail Clipping Bathing

1.4. If your pet boards with us for a total of 30 days or more per calendar year, your pet will earn 5 days free boarding.

1.5. Customers choose options for pick-up, delivery or both

2. Doggy Day Camp

2.1. Day time visits: Designed for your dog to enjoy spacious facilities, socialize with other dogs, & get the needed exercise. Camp includes:

2.1.1. Pick up & Drop off

2.1.2. Photo and video updates

2.1.3. Premium nutrition package (if overnight or as discussed)

2.2. Duration

2.2.1. 1-Day or 2-Day visits NEW

2.2.2. Monthly, Quarterly or Annually Day care visit: 2 x visits per week (4 weeks x 2 = 8 visits per month)

2.3. Includes pick-up and delivery

3. Grooming with same day delivery

3.1. Grooming

3.1.1. Full styling and cleanliness grooming discount package

3.1.2. Hair Trimming

3.1.3. Nail Clipping

3.2. Includes pick-up and delivery

4. International Travel

4.1. To/From Jordan

5. Additional services with our trusted partners

5.1. Training

5.2. Vet Visits (Door-to-door service)

6. Useful Links

6.1. Our website

6.2. PriceList

6.3. FAQs

6.4. Booking

6.5. Facebook

6.6. Insta

7. Dog walking