Your Most Productive Day as an Entrepreneur Isn’t What You’d Think

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Your Most Productive Day as an Entrepreneur Isn’t What You’d Think by Mind Map: Your Most Productive Day as an Entrepreneur Isn’t What You’d Think

1. How to have successful Think Days

1.1. Think Days are days when all you’re doing is writing down any idea that comes to mind.

2. Why Think Day?

2.1. One word: clarity.

2.2. You shouldn’t wait for a reason to do it. You can always use more clarity on your life and business.

2.3. When you feel like everything isn’t running perfectly anymore, it’s time for a Think Day.

2.4. When you think everything is running super smoothly, it’s also a good time for Think Day.

2.5. If your company is about to raise capital or has a bigger than usual growth, it’s likely a good time for a Think Day.

2.6. Think Days should be “habitual” to some degree.

2.7. Make clarity a top priority in your life.

3. How to prepare for a Think Day

3.1. Plan a day where you will get zero distractions

3.2. Turn off all notifications on all your devices

3.3. Don’t read or reply to any messages

3.4. Go in a different environment than your usual one

3.5. Bring material to take notes. Don’t underestimate what you’ll need.

4. What to do on Think Day

4.1. Do anything that forces you to think deeper.

5. Ultimately, this is quite personal, but here’s a framework I’ve used with success:

5.1. List down all your purposes for doing a Think Day.

5.2. List down the top three takeaways you want to get from Think Day (spend a good amount of time on this one).

5.3. Write down the whole list of things you plan on reflecting on today. Organize these in buckets using the Eisenhower Matrix.

5.4. Write tons of notes.

5.5. Once you’re done, list the key insights you got from it.

5.6. Add these insights to a list of action items to Start Doing, Continue Doing, or Stop Doing.

5.7. Assign a specific due date for each of them.

5.8. Schedule your next Think Day.

6. Here's a Think Day template

7. Conclusion

7.1. We will always have a tendency to slip into focusing on the wrong things.

7.2. We make weekly and monthly plans, but the simple truth is, they’re not enough.

7.3. Think Days can help you regain the clarity you need to focus on the right things.