Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum by Mind Map: Channing Tatum

1. He was born and lived his early years in Cullman, a small town in Alabama. Her mother, Kay Faust, worked for an airline, and her father, Glenn Tatum, in the construction industry.

2. My favorite actor is Channing Tatum, He was born 26 to april to 1980 in Cullmas, Alabama.

3. He began his artistic career as a model and later devoted himself to acting.

3.1. He has participated in several films, among which stand out: Step Up - The rise of Cobra - Jump street - Comando especial - Peleador callejero among other

3.2. Raised in Florida, Channing Tatum lands his first contract at age 20 as a dancer for the video clip of Ricky Martin's song She Bangs. A year later, she starts working as a model and poses for Vogue magazine.

4. From an early age he was an athletic boy, playing football, soccer, baseball, and practicing martial arts, although he always says that girls were the biggest distraction in school.

5. He has married with Jenna Dewan and They have two children.

6. Channing Tatum gave up her modeling career and began her acting career in 2004, after appearing in an episode of the television series CSI: Miami.

7. Her first film role came in 2005 in the school drama Coach Carter, where she played Jason Lyle, a friendly street basketball player alongside Samuel L. Jackson, he also appeared in rap singer Twista's Hope music video. , song that appeared in the movie.

8. However, the film with which he rose to fame was Step Up, where he played the rebellious hip-hop dancer Tyler Cage, a young man who, after destroying the Maryland School of Arts, ends up entering it, where he meets and falls in love.