Phase 7 Mindmap

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Phase 7 Mindmap by Mind Map: Phase 7 Mindmap

1. We need access to the internet in order for us to upload the information, obtained through video interviews, onto the internet.

2. Discussion Question: What are the functional and non-functional requirements of the information system you want to implement in the organization?

3. Group 411

3.1. functional requirements

3.1.1. process requirement - the system must sync new listings with housing market websites such as MLS

3.1.2. the system must match up international buyers to our listed properties based on their preferences and the properties` specifications our agents must be able to view this shortlist and the contact information and profiles of the buyers

3.1.3. Information: the system must have international buyer profiles and property listing information In order for the system to do the requirement mentioned in the first bubble, it is crucial for us to have all the relevant information

3.1.4. process requirement - the system must update our agents by SMS and email of new listings

3.2. non-functional requirements

3.2.1. listings should be viewable on smartphones in a user-friendly format As much as we want our listings to be viewable on devices such as smartphones and tablets, if the costs are too high we would rather spend our budget somewhere else as this isn't our primary goal.

3.2.2. system should perform processes instantly when new listings are input

3.2.3. system shouldn`t ever be down for more than 24 hours As we are not a business that heavily relies on this system, it wouldn't make sense to put a large portion of our budget to maintain and backup the system

3.2.4. it should only take a couple of seconds for the system to search for listings under a few parameters (ie. how many rooms, how many bathrooms, location) as more parameters are added in, the system will need to take some time to come up with the specified listings; we hope the system will be able to come up with the listings without users waiting for a long time

4. Group 412

5. Group 414 - Website (GFC)

5.1. Functional

5.1.1. Process-oriented Customers and management need to be able to access history of past purchases in order to identify trends, manage costs/benefits, determine preferences, offer coupons/discounts Should be able to sort and search for specific items based on popularity for management/promo purposes Customers should be able to "login" to their account any time to place online orders By logging in management should be able to view their actions - i.e. what they view, what they buy, how long they look through the website, their location with respect to the closest store, their personal profile (male, female, etc.) Customers will be able to sort food based on price, certified/noncertified organic Can click link to supplier profile Allow customers to "click" feedback section and write to GFC about what needs improvement, what is working, etc. Feedback should be automatically categorized into "positive" or "negative" feedback so management can efficiently address concerns

5.1.2. info - oriented Full list of all items available in store and online only items Must include photo, and price at minimum For certified organic foods (those that have actually been CERTIFIED) can have link to supplier's profile with more info on how product is made/harvested and the processes supplier does (this info will be provided by supplier) Also emphasize items that are produced locally Havespecials on seasonal items/holiday items

5.2. non functional

5.2.1. Security all credit card information needs to be protected to ensure that customers rights are not violated Need to have secure way to purchase items online via credit card/interact that ensures credit card numbers etc. aren't leaked

5.2.2. operational in conjunction with RFID very quick up-to-date info/data available to customers Lay out of website should be very easy to navigate and should be extremely straight forward payment process as to ensure sales without frustrated customers Need to have knowledgeable staff/service provider to address potential site problems quickly

5.2.3. Performance Customers and staff should be able to access info at all times of the day/ night without glitches Should be able to access info within a reasonable timeframe i.e. view same day purchases within hours high speed

5.2.4. other Abide by Privacy Laws Pay attention to seasonal fluxes/wants

6. Group 413


6.1.1. 1. Process Oriented - Must be able to filter through patients’ medical records through their IDs - Must be able to produce billing and scheduling information - Must be able to search through doctors IDs to find appropriate doctor to treat the patient - Must be able to keep track of prescriptions, surgeries, etc to produce effective follow-up appointments catered to patients 2. Information Oriented - Must have complete and reliable patient health records -Example: allergies, past treatments, medical conditions, etc. - Must allow clients to view pertinent information (scheduled appointments, test results etc.) without sacrificing security - Statistics of business performance to make necessary improvements


6.2.1. 1. Operational - every department should have access - the information presented should be concise and relevant to the operation (no clutter and only present the information needed) - different templates for different visit types 2. Performance - speed is important for customer satisfaction (reduce waiting times by generating information quickly) - work with IT to have “check-ups” for software/program updates to maintain efficiency - be able to have a back up location - large computer storage - information should be in a consistent format 3. Security - Only the patient or their doctor should be able to see their medical history - if seeing multiple doctors within clinic, permission for other than family doctor to access patient file - Secure connection between networks within the clinic - anti-virus control, always being diligent about virus detection so all customer and staff information is kept private and secure - intrusion protection 4. Cultural, Political, or Legal - BC Laws and Regulations - Privacy Act - doctor-patient confidentiality -Illegal to sell or distribute patient personal information - Must be careful on who has access to personal information - Would protect our legal integrity, while allowing us to make updates and correct errors -Unalterable draft of each event and entry -Keep a record on who accesses the accounts -Secure lock-out feature -Prevents unauthorized changes -Preventing access to certain features (like medical history) -Example: Front-desk receptionist

6.3. New node

7. Group 415


7.1.1. Non functional Operational There should be an easy, straight forward interface for contractors to enter their information on-line. Performance The system has to have a 99.9% up time with 1% error rate. Security Contractors should not be able to access other contractor or employee information, and should only be able to access certain client information. Cultural, Political, Legal Information stored in the cloud should not be stored outside of Canada.

7.1.2. Functional Process Oriented The system must allow contractors to submit their resume. Information Oriented The system must have information concerning contractor work hours and pay.

8. Group 416

8.1. Functional

8.1.1. Process Oriented Database system must have a filtering or organizing process that can quickly bring up information on each patient or doctor. Patients will be able to review each appointment (before and after, 24 hour availability) through the online database, accessible to each person through unique login.

8.1.2. Information Oriented Develop database system and archive that can effectively and safely store and organize information. Must provide each patients' personal information Have a separate database that keeps track on inventory limit and inbound/outbound logistics Analyze records, sales history, daily revenue, incoming and outgoing items, medication stock inventory

8.2. Non Functional

8.2.1. Operational There should be a designated room in the clinic for technical and database administration/maintenance Database should be up to date with current technology Available on multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and operating systems/smartphones (iOS, Android, Blackberry), tablets, etc.

8.2.2. Performance Information retrieval and data mining should be quick and easy to access. Information should load in under 2 seconds as the majority of data will appear in text. System must be reliable and stable as losing patient information can be costly both in client revenue/satisfaction as well as legally.

8.2.3. Security Only doctors are allowed to access the information. Patients cannot access other patient/doctor information aside from their own. These restrictions can be carried out through unique login for each patient/doctor For inventory database, limited access to clinic managers and employees. Password protected information.

8.2.4. Cultural, Political, and Legal Acquiring information on patients should adhere to local laws Patients should only be able to access their own information and not the information of other patients Information cannot be sold or shared

9. Group 417

9.1. MoveIT

9.1.1. Functional requirement Process-oriented: Our system should be easy to use, allowing our customers to check their history anytime Customers can check their moving time, date, and all other information by typing in a tracking number provided by us. Information-oriented: Customers need to be able to check on their own information such as where they moved from and where are they planning to move. We will also have another server just for employees. So, they will be able to check the information from both old and current customers.

9.1.2. Non-functional requirement Operational: Our system should be able to be used on smart phones so our delivery personnel will be able to confirm/access customers information while on the road to or from moving locations. Performance: our system should also not take more than a minute to load so when delivery personnel are accessing info on the road, they can keep deliveries efficient and fast while checking/confirming customers addresses, delivery info, Names and personal info on customers etc. Security: Only trained employees should be able to view data and information as to keep data safe and correctly used and viewed. Cultural, Political and Legal: The way we collect our data for the system must comply with privacy laws of customers info. Must keep all information confidential to our data system and our employees so no personal information is leaked or seen by the public. We can't share or sell customer information to other companies for privacy issues.

10. Group 418

10.1. Functional Requirements

10.1.1. Process Oriented We need the mobile computing system to manage the process of the inflow and the out flow of our inventory logistics. The mobile computing system need to keep track of our inventory by monitoring the exact time of the inflow and outflow of inventory and products, which are very important for food industries because all the products are perishable. The mobile computing also keep the whole flow of the inventory work system, keeps track of time of arrival and the amount of inventory we have.

10.1.2. Information Oriented When mobile computing keeps track of the inventory, we can efficiently gather the information about when to accurately allocate our fund in purchasing the products we need and when is the best time to sell those to maximize our profit. The mobile computing system can also keep track and note the information about suppliers, product types and price, and the number of products coming into the inventory. It will also keep track of the amount of each type of products we sell to our customers, and we can use the information gathered by the system to provide valuable information in predicting next year's or season's demand and appropriate price.

10.2. Non-functional Requirements

10.2.1. Operational The system needs to have a stable base architecture which will make it easy to add additional features and applications to the existing system

10.2.2. Performance Mobile computing application should be able to handle a high volume of traffic such as at least 500 customers at any given time

10.2.3. Security Employees should have full access to information if they they are granted permission from someone with higher up authority and have plans to use it in a way that will benefit the company and not violate the privacy laws of our customers. Ex. marketing all customer info will be password protected. Every employee will be given a user name and their own password. To access information, they must enter their username and corresponding password, then the password to access the locked information

10.2.4. Cultural, Political and Legal Give customer full access to their own information, recipes and suggestions. However other customers should have no access to the information of other customers (privacy laws).

11. Group 419

11.1. Functional

11.1.1. Our system would rely heavily on information-oriented material, where we would select candidates on the basis of past work experience, personality through interviews, background checks, references, educational background etc. Through our functional requirements, we would like to minimize our risk of hiring non-suitable or ineffective employees. Additionally, we feel that our system must be full-proof and considerably secure. Within our industry, the loss of the database would be detrimental to our company's reputation A large source and database of Information is essential to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently.

11.2. Non-functional

11.2.1. The idea behind our non-functional requirement is to minimize the time between matches. This is especially important, when considering the severity of part-time work and short-term contracts We would look to improve the performance aspect of the non-functional requirements. By this, we stress practicality and efficiency over the general aesthetics. New node

12. Group 420

12.1. Functional

12.1.1. Process-Oriented Users needs to be able to see the same information that is on the website on their mobile phone. And it should be easy for consumers to use.

12.1.2. Information-Oriented Consumers need to be able to access nutritional information, contact info, store finder and to be able to log into their personal account all in secure manner. Free of Charge

12.2. Non-Functional

12.2.1. Security It is vital that the information collected both on the mobile App and through the user accounts on our website are kept private and only accessible by the individual. Any information that is to be shared needs to be cleared by the individual. And only senior managers can see their personal info, such as address and contact info. The ability to use Location Services to locate the nearest store also needs to be according to code, ensuring that permission is granted by the user and that their location is safe.

12.2.2. Compatibility The Mobile App needs to be compatible with all major Operating Systems such as IOS, Android and Blackberry

12.2.3. Performance Our apps should be able to perform at a sufficient speed and should be able to properly run such functions as a recipe book and ability to log in. And it should ensure that 1000 ( or more) people can use it at the same time. We feel as though the app should take no longer than 3 seconds to load each page, maximum. We would also like users to be able to store up to 1GB of data including Recipes, wish lists and personal information.

13. New node

14. Group 401

14.1. Website Implementation

14.1.1. Functional requirments Customer login identification individual customer profiles customer information IT system connecting their personal information to our internal data base to provide personalized meal ideas product information prices current products offered in store dailydeals event updates

14.1.2. Non-functional requirments viewable on smartphones easyaccess enough managers to sustain and manage the website efficiency speed = fast easyto use and navigate around non-tech savy individuals can use the website user friendly capacity large to provide our clients with all the necessary information: products/prices/health tips/recipes/ forum for clients to communicate with one another updated frequently

14.2. Adequate Your considerations are comprehensive but your result looks like working sheet, you should make it more like a conclusion rather than draft.

15. Group 403

16. Group 402 - CloudComputing

16.1. Functional Requirements

16.1.1. Process-Oriented The system must have rapid scalability. Being able to change and instantaneously update information (such as vehicles/fleet under operation/vacant, job completion etc) especially during the delivery process is much needed. The system must allow users to see what moving services they haven't used that other customers have. Employees must be able to view and share files on customer data in their home computer, phones etc. The reason why this is a must is because MoveIT currently has a paper-based system located in its HQ. So, to be able to transform its availability for its employees would yield to greater flexibility in handling data. The system must ensure protection of customer information since it is part of their promise to customer to protect their information. However, this is hard to do because we are also at the same time trying to make this information available through many technological mediums (such as iPad, smart phones, home computer) to allow easy acces to MoveIT employees. However, such a risk can be reduced through private cloud installations.

16.1.2. Information-Oriented Overall Customer Profile - Customer ID, Moving ID, Work Progress (Finished, Incomplete or In Progress) must be obtained by employees about to undergo those delivery processes. Customers would also be able to check this information on their account. GPS location information must be obtained to ensure whether on-time delivery (which is MoveIT's promise to its customers) would be obtained Information must also be obtained from customers, seeing who tapped into company promotions & keeping up with company updates and who are frequent visitors to the system. Accordingly, a more fine tuned offer can then be made

16.2. Non-Functional Requirements

16.2.1. Perfomance The system should be quick since instantaneous updates/changes is mentioned as a "must" in the process section. So, as a result a fast updating system is required. The system must have broad network access for its employers and users. Since MoveIT is planning to expand geographically, this would become ever more important.

16.2.2. Operational The system should only be accessible between company employees and MoveIT customers Ties in to the security aspect mentioned above. Should have a certain group to manage, develop and maintain all the information in a technological way Should make sure all the online resources are correct and available all the time

16.3. Good Very logic and structured map

17. Group 404

17.1. Functional Requirements

17.1.1. Basic Client Information database Updated information on a client's portfolio must be able to reach that client in a timely a reliable manner /\ so that when customers have immediate concerns/questions, we have the answers almost instantly without the hassle

17.1.2. Database of previous market closes for stocks/portfolios of interest historical figures, highs/lows to build stock/portfolio prospectus be aware of trend lines indicating potential future growth/risk and adjust investment strategies accordingly

17.1.3. Daily, real-time market updates Via Bloomberg Terminal and Yahoo Finance

17.1.4. Daily updated information on current assets in all operational portfolios Bonds new competition in the market? new technological developments, what affects company bonds Common Stock Real Estate projected trend is rising, for example RRSPs

17.2. Non-Functional Requirements

17.2.1. Transparency for trading practises auditors Should Dispel allegations of insider trading

17.2.2. Secure transmitting of information to and from clients Encrypted emails and newsletters Should have password protected individual accounts (password set by client) protection against fraud, identity theft database security software against viruses, spyware, hackers etc.

17.2.3. Trade regulations and Embargos Foreign Exchange rate manipulation Boycotted Countries foreign/international policies, trade restrictions

17.2.4. contract between client and firm establish clear understanding of risk in investments; everything is clear between both parties - " no surprises" protect our firm's own assets and held liabilities

17.3. Good- Your considerations are very comprehensive, adding more details would be better.

18. Group 405

18.1. City Workforce

18.1.1. Functional Requirements Process-oriented The recruitment of employees require a lengthy process There are two databases, one for employees and one for employers The system must allow employers to have access to the client's reference and other employment information Information-oriented The information obtained through video interviews would be uploaded onto our database. There are numerous stages in the recruitment and interview process that would help gather information about the employees for City Workforce's database clients who are using our services to seek employment must upload their resume to our database in order to complete the application form

18.1.2. Non-Functional Requirements Operational Having a physical and a virtual location Performance Efficiency Security Information in the system must be protected by firewalls to ensure client privacy Legal The information obtained must comply with the privacy act as well as other rules and regulations Must also comply with other rules and regulations applicable. etc. the patriot act

18.2. Adequate+ Non-Functional Requirements part need more explanation instead of a few words, some points are a little obvious in Functional requirements.

19. Group 406 (City Workforce)

19.1. Functional Requirements

19.1.1. Information oriented: The system must have information from the workers (work experience, resume, references, soft and hard skills), employers (duration of work term, wages, job requirements, number of jobs needed), and our company (matching criteria, payment records, time spent unmatched)

19.1.2. Process oriented: The software needs to scan the information gathered from the TPS from two different databases (employers and workers) and sort through the information with different sets of criteria in a reliable and consistent way that is quick. It also needs to be able to alert the company when an error occurs or when there is a successful job matching created. It also needs to be an intuitive design that allows users to input information directly into the system.

19.2. Non-Functional Requirements

19.2.1. Operational City Workforce should have team of technicians to maintain the artificial intelligence system we plan to implement. The system should never crash, so that it does not fail to reinforce the value proposition.

19.2.2. Performance Our AI system should make decisions faster than those of our competitors. The system should be able to facilitate and process information on at least 1,000 businesses (clients). The system should provide the most appropriate employee to each job posting in order to ensure an accurate match.

19.2.3. Security Only clients and employees of City Workforce should be able to input data and information into our AI system.

19.2.4. Cultural, Political, and Legal Our system should respect personal information by complying with Canada's privacy laws.

19.3. Adequate+ Your Functional Requirements part is fine, the non-fuctional ones are too general, for instance, you said " our AI system should make decisions faster than those of our competitors", "should provide the most appropriate employee" but no further explanation or description for that.

20. Group 408

21. Group 407

21.1. Good Food's Mobile E-Commerce IT implementation

21.1.1. Non-Functional Requirements Operational: It should be accessible on all blackberries, androids, and iPhones. Performance: It should be quick, and easy to use. Security: Customers should have their financial information and purchases highly secured and not able to be hacked into. Cultural, Political, and Legal: It'll comply with the patriot act, and other various privacy laws.

21.1.2. Functional Requirements Process-oriented: The system should be able to provide a reliable method to allow customers to purchase food via their cell phones at any time. Information-oriented: With the cash-value system, customers/managers should be able to see their credit history/preferences.

21.2. Adequate: your explanations are all too general and common sense, more details and further information should be explored.

22. Group 409

22.1. DataMed

22.1.1. Electronic Medical Records Functional Requirements Ability to search the database of information Non-Functional Requirements Security to prevent unauthorized access of information Minimal downtime, low maintenance requirements Frequent updating of backup server

22.1.2. Online Booking System Functional Requirements Ability to book appointments online Must allow for input of basic information on patients who book appointments (e.g. patient name, contact information) Non-Functional Requirements Accessible through smartphones, tablets, and other devices Minimal downtime, low maintenance requirements Intuitive system that is easy to navigate (for less tech-savvy patients; seniors)

22.2. Adequate+ All your points are good, however, if you could provide more explanation and detail, that would be much better.

23. Group 410

23.1. Functional Requirements

23.1.1. Process oriented: Must be able to enhance communication between agent and buyers/sellers

23.1.2. Information-oriented: Must have a database service that connects to MLS listings

23.1.3. Must have the capability to display alerts for customers about their offers on properties

23.1.4. The system's data gathering must be secure, and when users submit their information, it must be on a secure webpage.

23.1.5. Process Oriented: The system should be open to both agents and customers to use, and information should limited accordingly, so customers would only have access to listings and their information, and agents would have access to all information on the website

23.2. Non-Functional Requirements

23.2.1. The system should be accessible by any device with internet access

23.2.2. Security: Customer's personal information must be protected from access by anyone other than the agent

23.2.3. Performance: the website should allow customers to input information and search for a listing that applies to them

23.2.4. The website should have both a networking application and also a data gathering application, so if there are any questions about the process, they can first finish providing their information then ask all on the same page

23.3. Adequate+ You can improve your map by adding more detail and explanation, for example " when users submit their information, it must be on a secure webpage", you may describe how to make a webpage secure.