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EMC Blog by Mind Map: EMC Blog

1. Structure

1.1. EMC blog receives live feeds from all blogs

1.2. Future Expansion

1.2.1. Feeds from faculty members PLE and PLN

1.3. Weekly Events are sticky posted each week

1.4. Use k2 template for anyone signed in to post to the blog

2. Instructional technologist blogs

2.1. All knowledge artifacts are categorized, tagged + posted to blog

2.2. blog posts are fed to EMC Blog

3. Tags and Catagories

3.1. Rachael is in charge

3.2. create a workable system

3.3. All blog postings are categorized and tagged

3.4. Seek help from Chris Matz

4. Edublogs with WordPress feed plugin (k2 theme for Facebook like interface)

5. Professional development workshop blog

5.1. Use k2 template for anyone signed in to post to the blog

5.2. participants post to the wall

5.3. posts are fed to the EMC Blog

5.4. blog is used for ALL workshops

5.5. Posts are categorized + tagged

5.6. New workshops are created using tagged learning artifacts

6. Development of Professional Learning Environments

6.1. Posts are categorized + tagged

6.2. Each participant uses an Edublog

6.3. posts are fed to the EMC Blog

6.4. Main blog is created . Individual posts are fed to the main PLE blog. The main PLE blog feeds to the EMC blog.

6.5. Example assignments

7. Weekly newsletter of the best knowledge artifacts

7.1. Best weekly content has its own catagory

7.2. content in category is feed to a Mail Chimp RSS newsletter that is automatically sent out each week.

7.3. Every weekly bulletin has a link to the weekly blog catagory

7.3.1. the same link is used each week for the Weekly bulletin

8. Interaction with- Individual pick and choose self-paced learning

8.1. Chunk interactive material as posts with questions

8.2. Comments are fed by email for quick response

8.3. Still thinking

9. Assessment

9.1. Use Google Analytics for all sites

9.2. Self assessment letters of completion -Create forms and letter template for

9.3. Create a Badge System

9.4. Create smiley face assessments that are automatically emailed through Mail Chimp using Survey Monkey