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Facing Fear by Mind Map: Facing Fear

1. Jabberwocky

1.1. Lewis Carroll

1.1.1. Time Period

1.1.2. Lifestyle

1.1.3. What was going on in his life when he wrote it

1.2. When it was written

1.3. Message

1.3.1. Fear is nonsense

1.3.2. Fear can be conquered

2. Fear

2.1. What is it?

2.2. Can it be overcome?

2.3. How does it connect the works?

2.4. Did the authors experience fear that relates to their works?

3. The Lottery

3.1. Shirley Jackson

3.1.1. Time Period

3.1.2. Lifestyle

3.1.3. What was going on in her life when she wrote it

3.2. When it was written

3.3. Message

3.3.1. Traditions aren't always right

3.3.2. The town people gathered to face what they feared and some received the consequence

3.3.3. Sometimes you can't avoid your fear