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Be Yourself:) by Mind Map: Be Yourself:)

1. Sandra Cisneros

1.1. Her life around 1995

1.1.1. third book published in 1991

1.1.2. fourth book published in 1994

1.2. World Events around 1995

1.2.1. Aung San Suu Kyi gives women's rights speech in Beijing

1.3. Theme of "Only Daughter"

1.4. Birth Date

1.4.1. December 20, 1954

2. Julio Noboa Polanco

2.1. His life around 1995

2.1.1. Sub Idea 2

2.2. World Events around 1995

2.2.1. July 11: Bill Clinton announced normalization of relations with Vietnam

2.3. Theme of "Identity"

3. Andrew Wyeth

3.1. His life around 1948

3.1.1. was best known for paintings in Pennsyvania

3.1.2. style follows that of Thomas Eakins...

3.1.3. well-known illustrator of children's books

3.2. World Events around 1948

3.2.1. Berlin Blockade

3.3. Theme of his painting Christina's World

3.4. Birth and Death

3.4.1. July 12, 1997-January 16, 2009

4. The Three Works Connected

4.1. individual aspects of the common theme in "Only Daughter"

4.2. individual aspects of the common theme in "Identity"

4.3. individual aspects of the common theme in "Christina's World"

4.4. the common theme of all three pieces altogether

5. PURPOSE OF CONTROLLING STATEMENT: In my paper, I will explain and emphasize the common theme found in the short story/ autobiography "Only Daughter," the poem "Identity," and the painting , "Christina's World."

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