The Duchess

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The Duchess by Mind Map: The Duchess

1. Mad human character of hideous physical aspect and perverse disposition.

1.1. Logorreich

1.2. Gossipy

1.3. Nosy

2. Double personality

2.1. First meets: she is disagreeable

2.2. Action Point 2

3. Has a Cheshire-Cat

3.1. -He vanishes and reappears -Everybody's mad in Wonderland -He is corteous and helpfull with Alice

4. Arguing with her cook

4.1. pepper is the key ingredient in all food

4.2. is throwing everything at at the Duchess and the baby

4.3. is a witness at the Knave of Hearts trial's

4.3.1. The Knave of Hearts accused of stealing the tarts of the Queen of Hearts

5. nursing a baby

5.1. An infant whom Alice takes pity

5.2. seems to be a baby pig