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Fear by Mind Map: Fear

1. Events

1.1. Personal

1.2. Historical

1.3. Social

2. Lewis Carroll

2.1. Age

2.2. Family

2.3. Life: When he wrote Through the looking glass he was 23 years old.

3. Events

3.1. Social

3.2. History

3.3. Personal

4. The Scream

4.1. Painted by Edvard Munch in 1893

5. Edgar Allen Poe

5.1. Age

5.2. Life

5.3. Family

6. Jabberwocky

6.1. First appeared in the magizine written both for and by the Carroll family called Mischmash in 1855 when it was titled Stanza of Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Carroll later revised it for Through the Looking glass.

6.2. Type: Jabberywocky is a nonsense poem in which a boy defeats the jabberywocky and comes home a hero.

6.3. Analyisis:

6.4. Theme: Nothing to fear but fear itself.

7. Masque of the Red Death

8. Connection