Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Seasonal Affective Disorder by Mind Map: Seasonal Affective Disorder

1. Causes

1.1. Seasons

1.1.1. more likely in winter vs summer or autmmn vs spring?

1.2. light factor

1.2.1. where you live state with highest rate of seasonal affective disorder less likely in hawaii vs maine?

1.3. body temperature

1.4. hormones

1.4.1. more likely in women vs men?

1.5. New node

2. Symptoms

2.1. weight gain

2.1.1. eatting more because they are sad?

2.2. daytime sleepiness.

2.2.1. is this beacuse of the weather?

2.3. lethargic

2.4. loss of interest

2.4.1. in work

2.4.2. social life

3. Tests

3.1. no medical tests

3.2. doctor can diagnose you with a series of questions

4. Treatment

4.1. Antidepressants

4.2. Therapy

4.3. Changing the light bulbs in your house to a brighter light.

4.4. light therapy

5. episodes of depression that occur during different seasons.

6. complications

6.1. if untreated it could turn in to long term depression

7. Also known as SAD