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1. Then Katrina Van Tassel, a beautiful young woman of eighteen, enters the story. She is the only daughter of Baltus Van Tassel, one of the most successful farmers in the area. When Ichabod first visits her father’s abundant farm he thinks that he is truly in love with her, or at least her inheritance.


2.1. Ichabod earns almost no money, so he teaches singing lessons, he is very proud of his voice, although there is a lot of irony in the story that implies that he is not as good as he thinks.

2.1.1. There it is decided that he should win his hand, but he is not the only one who wants to do it. Her biggest rival to marry Katrina is the formidable Brom Bones, the hero of the country round.

2.2. One day, a messenger comes to the schoolhouse to invite Ichabod to a party at the Van Tassels’. At this party, he apparently finds himself the best man in the house, and when the party is over he stays behind. For some reason, however, Katrina disappoints him. Ichabod leaves crestfallen.


3.1. The story begins by talking about Sleepy Hollow, a little valley, or rather lap of land, among high hills, which was one of the quietest places in the whole world.

3.2. One of Sleepy Hollow's most famous superstitions or beliefs is the Headless Horseman, it is said that is seen most often riding by the church, where local historians say he was buried. He is believed to be always in search of his head.

3.3. Then it tells about Ichabod Crane, a native of Connecticut who arrived at Sleepy Hollow to teach children and who tried to win the heart and hand of Katrina Van Tassel.


4.1. Finally, on the way home he notices that everything is dark and mysteriously silent. Shortly after passing the Major André tree, he sees a large, dark figure. tries to get his decrepit horse to run home as fast as it can, but he is not a skilled rider and the horse resists. Every time it gets closer to him and realizes that it is a headless horseman, the head seems to be sitting on the saddle in front of the man.

4.2. They end up by the church, the scene of most of the stories of the Headless Horseman, and Ichabod races to the bridge where the ghost is said to disappear and not follow. Ichabod crosses the bridge and looks back, but he sees the Horseman, instead of disappearing, hurl his detached head at him. It knocks Ichabod off of his horse.

4.3. The next day, Ichabod’s horse returns to its owner’s farm, but there is no sign of Ichabod. A search party finds hoof prints and Ichabod’s hat, with a smashed pumpkin left next to it. Ichabod is never heard from again in Sleepy Hollow. Some of the townspeople believe that Brom Bones pulled off a great prank, but the old women maintain that he was taken by the Headless Horseman.