Conceptual Model of Mozambique

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Conceptual Model of Mozambique by Mind Map: Conceptual Model of Mozambique

1. Political

1.1. civil war 77-92

1.1.1. peace accords signed in 92 allowing political pluralism instead of just one party rule

1.2. portugese colony until 75 independence

1.3. constitution in 1990

1.4. today: Frelimo and Renamo parties

1.4.1. recent encounter renamo vs. cops, violent, deaths, arrests, first since civil war

1.4.2. President Armando Guebuza is Frelimo member, 75% of 2009 vote

1.4.3. GAP: Other parties? influential? Democratic Movement of Mozambique: MDM, Daviz Simango

1.4.4. president can have 3 terms, elections every 5 years

1.5. Republic. Exact structure? Complex (GAP)

1.5.1. Executive: President, Prime Minister, and Cabinet popular vote

1.5.2. Legislative: Assembly of the Republic, 250 seats, 5 year terms popular vote

1.5.3. Judicial: many diff courts, supreme court elected by president or assembly current SC president believes need for more judges

1.6. elections every 5 years

1.7. Corruption? (GAP)

1.8. Policies? Improvements? (GAP)

1.9. mixed Portuguese law and Islamic law

2. Military

2.1. everyone is supposed register at the age of 18, regardless of sex, most do not.


2.3. Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Forces

2.4. Pirates a threat/ navy patrols coast increasingly

3. Technology

3.1. severely lacking infrastructure from colonial neglect and civil war

3.2. untapped hydropower potential

3.3. projects to build up infrastructure

3.4. developing HIV testing technology that works faster and keeps patients more in the system

3.5. 2nd public tv channel launched

4. Social

4.1. little to no education

4.2. high poverty/malnutrition

4.2.1. 54% in 2008

4.3. portugese official language, emakhuwa most widely spoken, other tribal languages

4.4. 99.66% African citizens

4.4.1. low life expectancy only 3% of population is 65 or older

4.4.2. high infant mortality rate

4.4.3. 23.4 million population

4.5. HIV/AIDS rampant

4.5.1. New node

4.6. 21% unemployment rate

4.7. mostly catholic, portestant, and muslim

5. Geography

5.1. Coastal, southeastern africa

5.1.1. Tropical climate

5.2. capital: maputo

5.3. Coal, Titanium, Natural Gas

5.4. untapped gold and silver

6. Economy

6.1. Most people agricultural income, not enough to live off of

6.1.1. diamond smuggling - crackdowns, some people did it for lack of jobs

6.2. Colonial influence makes citizens heavily reliant on imported wheats/cereals for bread, a staple in their diet, not enough wheat is produced within the country itself

6.3. currency: meticais

6.3.1. 28.5/US dollar

6.4. resources: titanium, exporters of gas, coal, textiles, tobacco, asbestos, aluminum etc.

6.4.1. limited exploitation, considerable amount of resources

6.4.2. Gas in eastern africa - big boom

6.5. new market for beer booming

6.6. TYPE? (GAP)

6.7. has made some gains, but unclear if weak or strong, will continue to improve? (GAP)

6.8. Policies?

6.9. dependent upon foreign assistance for more than 1/2 of budget

6.10. 23.87 billion GDP, ranked 120th in world

6.10.1. agriculture only accounts for 28% of GDP, while the 81% of the workforce is involved in agriculture - imbalance!