Giving some information about music

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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Physical effects of music on people

1.1. Listening to music reduces muscle tension and improves body movements and coordination

1.2. While listening to music , a person working at a job increases productivity and the resistance to work

1.3. Children growing up with music teach hear and listen to actively.

2. The Birth of the music

2.1. The ancient Hellen

2.2. The birth of other musics

3. The use with technology of music

3.1. Create different Genres

3.1.1. Using Computer

3.1.2. The use audio recording studio

3.2. The use it with mobile phones

4. Determining the life-style of music

4.1. if you find a song yourself and it appeals to him/ her , he/she can adopt its

4.2. Listening music affects people's mental structures and it has the property that determines person’s character.

5. psychological factors of music on people

5.1. Llistening to music is a method of treatment for some patients who havepsychologic problems

5.1.1. psychological factors which treat people’s subconscious

5.1.2. To get rid of depression, changes your mood , helps with stress management and state of mind

5.2. it affects people positively when it comes to personal development because the use of music for educational purposes can accelerate the ability of individual learning.

6. Types of music

6.1. Pop Music

6.1.1. Pop Jazz

6.1.2. Electrified

6.1.3. Rap Music

6.2. Rock Music

6.2.1. Progresif rock

6.2.2. Classical rock

6.2.3. Emotional Rock

6.2.4. Hard Rock

6.3. Heavy Metal

6.3.1. Blues rock

6.3.2. Psychedel Rock

6.4. Classical Music

7. Historical Development of Music

7.1. Development of music in Turkey

7.2. Formation Process of Music