Climate Change: Air pollution and Coronavirus

Abstract about Climate crisis and the current Coronavirus pandemic

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Climate Change: Air pollution and Coronavirus by Mind Map: Climate Change: Air pollution and Coronavirus

1. ´´This is the first time i have seen such a dramatic drop-off´´.

2. Air Pollution

2.1. Mixture of natural and man-made substances in the air we breathe.

2.1.1. Two tipes Indoor Gases, household products and chemicals, building materials, outdoor indoor allergy allergens, tobacco smoke, mold and pollen. Outdoor Fine particles produced by the burning of fossil fuels, Noxious gases, ground-level ozone and tobacco smoke.

3. NASA's View

3.1. Images released by NASA and the european Space Agency show a dramatic reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions.

3.1.1. ´´I am not surprised because many cities nationwide have taken measures to minimize the spread of the virus".

4. Current global problems

4.1. COVID-19 Pandemic

4.1.1. All affected countries are trying to safeguard the health of their people, are doing a lot of research to find a cure, or some way to end this desease. One of the measures countries are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is quarantine.

4.2. Climate crisis

4.2.1. Climate change is a serious problem, and it causes many people to have health problems. Into the environmental problems, the pollution is the most direcly affects the humans and is easyly measured by the scientists.

5. Quarantine is the suspension of all non-essential activities. People stay home to prevent the spread of the virus.

6. In countries that have implemented quarantine, impressive changes in environmental conditions have been seen.

6.1. The canals of Venice Italy have been cleaned.

6.2. Air pollutant gases in China have decreased.

7. The bad news is that the decrease in pollution is only for a short period of time.

7.1. Because when economic, labor and social operations are restored, pollution will increase.