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WALK by Mind Map: WALK

1. Write

1.1. They aren't writting the letter, they are walking on the store.

2. Shoot

2.1. Why will you shoot the cow once that it start to walk?

3. Whistle

3.1. Somebody has been whistled me when I walked on the school.

4. Withdraw

4.1. Did you prefer withdraw the church to go to walk in the park and cry only?

5. Sit

5.1. If I'm walking, then I'm not sitting.

6. Ride

6.1. How long time have you been walking on the garden while I was rinding my horse?

7. Shut

7.1. I arrived when she is walking on the aisle, after the doctor shut the door.

8. Slide

8.1. She is going to slide on the floor if she not walk correctly.