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Tricks to by Mind Map: Tricks to

1. Analysis

1.1. This category is critical to selling on based on the needs of the customer. Making every customer realize how the sale is relevant to their requirements and is not just a sale.

2. Approaching

2.1. This category provides the reader and insight into how to approach a sales meeting.

3. Basic Sales

3.1. These are the basis sales essential and would recommend this module to anyone who is looking to start learning/reading this site.

4. Closing

4.1. Every sales opportunity is great only if we can close the sale. Thus this is a critical determining factor of a good salesperson.

5. Ethics

5.1. Every sales person should be able to identify and refrain from potential ethical issues on a daily basis. This category provides a guide.

6. Impress

6.1. First impressions are key to closings, this category support the reader to make them last.

7. Knowldege

7.1. Improving ones knowledge is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Keep sharpening the blade for a smoother cut of the cheese.

8. Objections

8.1. Handling objections is a daily routine for most sales people. But knowing how to handle is key to increase closing ratios.

9. Prospecting

9.1. This all important category focuses on the need of looking for new sales prospects and identify new opportunities.

10. Sales Rules

10.1. This category provides the basis knowhow that every sales person should be aware of and also follow.

11. Self Improvement

11.1. Improving on the habits that tarnish your sales. Working with the best habits and ensuring that you grow with time is the key to staying ahead.

12. Service

12.1. Selling is not a one time activity and needs to be regularly followed up with a mindset to serve, this category provide info on how.