Lord of The Flies comparison of the coral island and the outside world

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Lord of The Flies comparison of the coral island and the outside world by Mind Map: Lord of The Flies comparison of the coral island and the outside world

1. the outside world

1.1. on the war

1.1.1. using the atom bomb they reckoned people on the mainland including their parents

1.1.2. the boy were fleeing from the war,but they were attacked by an another fighter aircraft and thus crashed on that nhabitated island

1.2. the parents were taking care of the boys

1.3. division of the tasks in a modern and deliberate way

1.4. the population was divided into diverse age groups and each had different society assignments and significant control zone

2. the coral island

2.1. its features

2.1.1. a dense jungle covers up the central part of the island

2.1.2. unhabited / non-civilized no grownups no signs of civilization

2.1.3. tropical and deserted insufferable extreme heat haze and the steamy earth

2.1.4. located probably in the near costs of Australia and in the Coral Sea

2.1.5. can be colonized due to its high supply range

2.1.6. the mountain on the other side of the island

2.1.7. be home to varied and savage species

2.1.8. vast takes hours to walk across the island

2.2. the community

2.2.1. no grownup in the community, only children the ages between 6 and 12 years

2.2.2. first attemps of counting the members making a name list and Piggy had a go at memorizing names of all members of the community

2.2.3. hierarchal they divided the community into three groups and the littluns have the least responsibility and impact onthe administration system

2.2.4. signs of democracy they elected their chief by voting Ralph was the chief due to his conch, which was admitted and interpretted as the

2.2.5. the first headquarter / settlement =^ the platform

2.2.6. the conch=^connective tool using the conch to summon themselves on the platform and to hold a meeting to discuss the issues or to distribute the tasks signs of life used to call others to the platform and the children were coming up by and by on the row and thus the core of the society was formed

2.2.7. cabinet system Ralph gave Jack the mastership of his own choir, to placate Jack and to maintain the democracy among their society

2.2.8. first divergences between the choir and Ralph's govermence

2.2.9. primitive