Everything you need to know about Amsterdam.

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1. Amsterdam is the official capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The city is located between the IJ bay, to the north, and the banks of the Amstel river, to the southeast. Founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village, it has a population of about 810,000 inhabitants.

2. What to do:

2.1. Canals of Amsterdam: Amsterdam, known as the Venice of the North, has more than 100 kilometers of canals. Its 3 most famous channels: the Herengracht, the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht. One of the best things to do in Amsterdam is to cruise through its canals to see the city from another perspective. It is always advisable to book a one-hour tour to see some of the most important places in the city or take a night dinner cruise.

2.2. Visit Dam Square Located in the heart of the city, it is the most important square and with the most atmosphere to see in Amsterdam. Most routes start or pass through this square. In the center of the square is a 22-meter-tall obelisk that pays tribute or the Dutch soldiers who died in World War II. Here you will also find the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk or New Church, the Madame Taussauds Wax Museum or the De Bijenkorf luxury store and the most famous shopping street in the city, the Kalverstraat, begins.

2.3. Vondelpark is the most famous park and the perfect place to walk, play sports or have a picnic on the lawn. In addition to green areas, nature, flowers, statues, lakes and rivers, you will find from an open-air theater to a good variety of restaurants and cafes. A good way to get there and explore the park is with a bicycle tour, one of the best ways to see the entire city and enjoy it as a real local.

3. When and Where to go:

3.1. The Van Gogh Museum: The museum has more than 200 paintings and 400 drawings by Van Gogh the brilliant Dutch painter, among which "The bedroom of Arles", "The Potato Eaters" or "The Sunflowers" stand out. It is recommended to take an audio guide to better understand the history and details of his life and works. It is also a good idea to book a guided tour. Visiting hours: every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. But Friday they close at 22:00.

3.2. The red light district: The neighborhood is famous for its nightlife, full of coffee shops, sex shops, red lights and shop windows where prostitutes offer their services. Keep in mind that prostitution is legalized in Amsterdam, as is the consumption of marijuana in coffee shops, so it is not strange to see these activities. Most tourists visit the neighborhood by day to have a drink in one of its many terraces and coffee shops, and visit it at night out of curiosity. Although it may seem like the lawless neighborhood, everything is perfectly ordered and guarded, so you should not be afraid to walk around the area at night. What you should have is respect and education before the women who provide their services and not take photos of them or to the shop windows.

3.3. The Anne Frank House Museum: In the back of the museum building, the family of Anna Frank lived in hiding for two years during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam in World War II. At the entrance they will give you a brochure explaining the history and the places you will see during the visit, among which the most prominent are the hiding place and the original newspaper of Anna Frank. The best way to visit the house is to book the ticket on its official website, where you can choose the time. Keep in mind that from 09:00 to 15:30 only those who have purchased the ticket online will be able to access, while from 15:30 they can access those who bought the ticket at the museum box office.

3.4. Rijksmuseum: The Rijksmuseum or National Museum of Amsterdam is the most important museum in the Netherlands, with more than two million visitors a year. During the visit you can take a step through the history of the country's art, from the Middle Ages to the last century with its best works. The most outstanding works are some of Rembrandt's masterpieces such as The Night Watch, The Jesse Tree or The Jewish Bride. Visiting hours: every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4. The city has a moderate climate, under strong influence of the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the winds that come from it. Winters are usually cold, but not extreme, although temperatures below freezing are very frequent. It usually doesn't snow more than 26 days a year. Summers are warm with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius, with no extremes except a few heat waves. In the city there are many rainy days, however almost always it is very moderate rains because the weather is really unstable and on the same day all the possibilities can be given: sun, rain, clouds, hail, etc.