Water Lightning

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Water Lightning by Mind Map: Water Lightning

1. Proces

1.1. Finance

1.1.1. Accounting

1.1.2. Billing paypall BTW creditcard overmaken

1.2. Marketing

1.2.1. Differentatie Platina Goud Zilver Brons

1.2.2. naam Water Lightning Istiophorus Watervlug QuickWater MacH2O

1.2.3. eenmalig (dit proces)

1.2.4. repeterend

2. Technology

2.1. Code

2.1.1. Website Brochure site "mijn portaal" rapportage data die nodig zijn

2.1.2. Server (centraal)

2.1.3. Client (decentraal)

2.2. hosting

2.2.1. ec2 amerika

2.2.2. eu

2.3. tools

2.3.1. meting waterfall meting tool jmeter new relic? grind ab mau module

2.3.2. rapportage

3. Product

3.1. Metrics

3.1.1. Infra memcache varnish / frontproxy os / filesystem webserver php connections ssl offloading mod page speed caching headers testing stresstest paastest loadtest (reverse) dns netwerk firewall waiting connections

3.1.2. backend database / mysql slow queries search /solr databasestructuur settings drupal modules pagina's entities cache cron variables config blocks url aliases php cachegrind

3.1.3. state niet ingelogd ingelogd useragent mobiel niet mobiel crawlers

3.1.4. frontend html / css/ js waterfall dns prefetching content breakdown lazy loading browsercache css/js minify + aggr efficiëntie CSS js loader volgorde html tags webfonts cdn images compressie embedded widgets lazyloaded

3.1.5. dimensies aantal nodes aantal users

3.2. rapportage

3.2.1. pdf generator

3.2.2. scheduling

3.2.3. mail

3.2.4. online / portaal

3.2.5. statistische analyse