SWOT Analysis of EE process

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SWOT Analysis of EE process by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis of EE process

1. Strengths

1.1. Students are generally free to follow their passions (-but not all)

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Administrative support from IB coordinator

1.2.2. New research site development

1.2.3. Experienced and knowledgeable staff

1.3. The Variety of EEs produced

1.4. Final deadline early to ensure process is not too long.

1.5. Rolling negotiated deadlines allow flexibility for individuals

1.6. Provides essential Uni preparation skills

2. Opportunities

2.1. Can we find ways to involve more staff as supervisors

2.1.1. Use staff in other areas of the school Psychology is doing this with a big team 9 non Psychology staff supported by HOD NaT, LHe, councillors, DCo, DMc, CFe, Dam, DSh

2.1.2. All department staff to supervise EEs

2.1.3. Would require training Suggestion to be part of core training for all / new supervisors (CIE)

2.1.4. Encourage non DP teachers

2.2. Can we support students better with common skills as a whole cohort

2.2.1. Dedicated time to focus on Methodology/General criteria could be invaluable Suggestion of one afternoon with different areas for different subjects/groups Suggestion of one day workshop / lab at the end of grade 11

2.3. Feedback from the IB Curriculum review

2.3.1. Introduction of a World EE

2.3.2. Introduction of Interdisciplinary EEs

2.4. Coordinator to centralise and coordinate between departments

2.4.1. Suggestion to have a centralized system with students top 3 choices in order and try to ensure all get 1st or 2nd

2.5. Teacher librarian to help support research skills

2.6. Promote a more even spread between the groups

2.6.1. Maths and Second Languages?

3. Weaknesses

3.1. 5 Essays is seen as too many to supervise

3.1.1. Suggestion to reduce to 3

3.2. Process is too long / drawn out

3.2.1. Causes a negative impact on other subjects early in term 1

3.2.2. 8 months is too long

3.3. Providing access to suitable 'paid' databases is limited currently

3.4. MLA referencing is not used by all departments.

3.5. Lack of coordination of approach between departments

3.6. Parental interference

3.6.1. Approaching individual teachers

3.7. Unbalance load between departments and therefore staff

3.8. Not all students able to get their first or second choice

3.8.1. Students can spend a lot of time preparing proposals at a busy time, only one will ultimately be useful.

3.8.2. Some of our weakest students can be denied access to one subject after another.

3.9. Too many different supervisors and approaches

3.9.1. No enforced structure

4. Threats

4.1. Need to avoid denying students the opportunity to study their passions

4.1.1. Currently not all students get 1st or 2nd choice

4.2. IBOs introduction of reflection could be 'overkill' on what is already a reflective process.

4.3. Where staff are volunteering to support more than 5, the students do not always get the support they need.

4.4. Language proficiency of students, especially NCs