The influence of different colors on learning

some colores effection in learning>

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The influence of different colors on learning by Mind Map: The influence of different colors on learning

1. Red

1.1. enhances persuasion.

1.2. can evoke feelings of energy.

1.3. improves focus and performance.

1.4. helps in recalling and attention to detail.

1.5. improves memory on completing a task like proofreading.

2. Green

2.1. increases efficiency and focus.

2.2. helps in concentration for a long time.

2.3. is one of the easiest colors on the eyes.

2.4. promotes restfulness and calm.

2.5. improves concentration.

2.6. boosts mental revitalization .

3. Yellow

3.1. Positive effects:

3.1.1. is known as a cheerful color.

3.1.2. can improve happiness.

3.2. Negative effects:

3.2.1. Too much yellow can produce stress.

4. Pink

4.1. promotes calmness.

4.2. can reduce heart rate.

5. Blue

5.1. Positive effects:

5.1.1. promotes productivity.

5.1.2. promotes high levels of thought.

5.1.3. is better for brainstorming, thinking creatively.

5.1.4. is better for invention and imagination.

5.1.5. is associated to openness and freedom.

5.2. Negative effects:

5.2.1. Too much Blue can create a sense of detachment and coldness.

6. Orange

6.1. Positive effects:

6.1.1. is a welcoming and mood-lifting color.

6.1.2. promotes comfort and improves neural functioning.

6.1.3. stimulates focus and promotes organization.

6.1.4. increases the oxygen supply to the brain.

6.1.5. stimulates mental activity.

6.2. Negative effects:

6.2.1. may be over stimulating for some students; in energetic class.

6.2.2. Too bright a color will probably a headache.