Statiscal Test Measures

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Statiscal Test Measures by Mind Map: Statiscal Test Measures


2. Principles to Evaluate Validity Evidence

3. Principles to Evaluate Reliability Evidence

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4. Alternative Forms

5. Internal Consistency

6. Test / Re-test

7. Group variety

8. Scoring reliability limits test score reliability.

9. Test length

10. Item difficulty

11. Elements that affect Reliability of Test scores:

12. The adequacy of validity evidence depends on both (A) the strength of the validity coefficient and (B) the purpose of the test.

13. Group variability affects the strength of the variability coefficient.

14. Variability coefficients should be considered in terms of the relevance and reliability of the standard or criterion.

15. Reference: Kubiszyn, Tand Borich, G, (2010). Educational testing & measuremet: Classroom application and practice. Wiley and Sons, Inc.111 Ruver Stone, Hoboken, NJ. Pages: 340, 346-347.

16. Two types of criterion-related Validity Evidence:

17. Concurrent

18. Predictive

19. Construct Validity Evidence * used when there is no criterion nor previous test and and has validity if its relationship to other information correlates to a logical rationale.

20. Author: Sandra Mueller ASH 645 2010