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Learn the basics of your computer

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learn your computer screen cast by Mind Map: learn your computer screen cast

1. Notes

1.1. Synthesis statement the user should understand at the end of the lesson

2. Objectives

2.1. what is an os?

2.1.1. Hardware vs Software

2.1.2. list of different OS'es

2.1.3. describe what an operating system does

2.1.4. screen capture of an OSX machine and a Windows 7 machine

2.2. what is a file browser?

2.2.1. what can a file browser do?

2.2.2. a file browser is not a web browser

2.2.3. screen capture of an OSX machine and a windows 7 machine

2.3. Understanding networks

2.3.1. what is a protocol? different protocols

2.3.2. The client server relationship what is a server? what is a client? an scenario of the server client relationship

2.3.3. the Internet Vs the world wide web

2.3.4. what is a network

2.4. What is a web browser?

2.4.1. Server vs client

2.4.2. HTML and rendering

2.4.3. types of web browsers

2.5. Introduction: how to use these videos

2.5.1. why should you use this?

2.5.2. what you should be able to do after watching these videos

2.6. What is a screen capture?

3. Prerequisites

3.1. Review: what does the user use?

3.2. Goals: To understand how to navigate your computer and what is a screen capture

3.3. Beginner User

4. Resources

4.1. ppt

4.2. images of devices

4.3. panopto