Digital Health and Wellness (PLAN) by helen and stephanie.r

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Digital Health and Wellness (PLAN) by helen and stephanie.r by Mind Map: Digital Health and Wellness (PLAN) by helen and stephanie.r

1. Talk to people off the internet so you dont become antisociable.

2. Sit properly in your chair.

3. Take many rest breaks.

4. Drink water to keep hydrated.

5. Spend only around 2 hours in front of a computer screen a day.

6. Look away from the computer screen as often as possible.

7. It is a word used to describe the mental and physical well-being when using the internet.

8. Digital technology can affect your psychological health.

9. Digital bullying can affect peoples minds.

10. Pace of usage can create large amounts of pollution.

11. 41% of people claimed to have pain or numbness after spending a lot of time in front of a computer.

12. Square eyes.

13. Don't lean into the computer, instead lean in your chair.

14. Every half hour walk around for 5 minutes to let your legs exercise.

15. Set guidelines as to when you can use the computer.

16. Use lightweight models, docking stations, padded shoulder bag for transportation.

17. Remember to blink.

18. Use a stable work surface and stable keyboard tray.

19. Use the right lighting because too much can lead to sore eyes and headaches.

20. Make sure you get plenty of sleep or you will get even more sore eyes than if you did.