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Project implementation by Mind Map: Project implementation

1. Possible pressures on the project

1.1. As the situation in Cameroon is deteriorating day by day, the longer we wait, the harder it is to implement the project

1.2. Grants have their own deadlines. We could be too early or too late

2. Internal problems

2.1. Having more than 30 applicants on the participation list, only some of them are active

2.2. Monitoring and Technical teams cannot start their work having no project ideas submitted

3. Research Team

4. Monitoring & Communications Team

5. Technical Team

6. Intervention project proposal

6.1. Who are we targeting? (vulnerable children in Cameroon's English-speaking regions – North-West and South-West)

6.2. How is it related to COVID-19 epidemic?

6.3. How can it alleviate living conditions of the people?

6.4. What do we need to implement the project?

7. Finding grants for the project implementation

7.1. What kind of grant do we need for the project proposed by the Research Team?

7.2. What potential actors could provide funding? (public bodies, international organisations, NGOs)

7.3. Does our project meet the requirements?

7.4. If the project meets all requirements, should we forward it to the Technical Team for implementation?

8. Filling in grant applications

8.1. What do we need to do to submit our application?

8.2. Do we meet all requirements? Deadlines?

8.3. Can we start filling in forms right away?

8.4. If submitted, has our application has been confirmed by the organisation?

8.5. If approved by the organisation, when will we receive the funding?