Community Benefit

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Community Benefit by Mind Map: Community Benefit

1. Policies on CB

1.1. UK government

1.1.1. Localism Act National Planning Policy Framework

1.2. Scottish government

1.2.1. Community benefit register

1.2.2. National Performance Framework

1.3. Local authorities

1.3.1. Highland Council

1.4. Developers

1.4.1. CarbonFree apprenticeships

1.5. Trade bodies

1.5.1. SR letter to Highland Council

1.5.2. RenewableUK

2. History of community benefit

2.1. What is community benefit?

2.1.1. Definition of a community

2.1.2. Definition of benefit

2.2. Why is CB important?

2.2.1. Good neighbour

2.2.2. Maintaining public support

2.2.3. Investment opportunity

2.2.4. New node

2.3. CB in the EU/UK

2.3.1. Differences in structure Why these differences? EU inbuilt, UK not

2.3.2. UK CB focus on funds

3. Why do we need a policy on CB?

3.1. Current policy incoherent, complex

3.1.1. Over focus on community funds Can be divisive Competing priorities Often restrictive What about other types of benefit which may be more appropriate for the community?

3.1.2. Some communities don't benefit

3.1.3. Benefits strongly dependent on which developer in charge

3.2. Recent guidance policies - govmt, Highland Council

3.2.1. Need to ensure developer has a voice

3.2.2. Minimum MW payment without considering costs of project

3.3. Questions about long-term impact on economy

3.3.1. May not be as good as hoped

4. UK situation

4.1. Why is it different?

4.1.1. Planning system

4.1.2. CB not inbuilt

4.1.3. Few national jobs created (as yet)

4.2. Budget

4.3. Resources

4.4. Delays

5. Current or past CB models in the UK

5.1. Community funds

5.1.1. Good points

5.1.2. Bad points

5.2. Community ownership

5.3. Benefits in kind

5.3.1. New facilities eg. Visitor centre eg. Sports hall

5.3.2. Better or new amenities

5.4. Local economic benefits

5.4.1. Jobs National Local

5.4.2. Local contractors

5.5. Supporting Staff

6. Introduction

6.1. UK background

6.1.1. Carbon emissions targets

6.1.2. Communities taking the brunt of the change Increasing public opposition To maintain support, CB is important

7. New node