OPT&Flysmart Implementation Process

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OPT&Flysmart Implementation Process by Mind Map: OPT&Flysmart Implementation Process

1. CAAT Approval

1.1. iPad EFB; device approval

1.2. Performance Tools/Applications Approval

1.2.1. Phase I - Initial discussion with CAAT

1.2.2. Phase II - Applying for Approval Amendments to Ops Manuals OM-A 8.14 FCOM&QRH (as needed) MEL (as needed) EFB Handbook GWC Intro Risk assessment OEM documents FAA/EASA Approval Letter Software Compatibility Testing Results Other requirements per Phase I (as applicable)

1.2.3. Phase III - CAAT review CAAT checklists Policy and Procedure Manual Review Flight Operations Assessment Airworthiness Assessment (as needed)

1.2.4. Phase IV - Operational Evaluation Sim or flight evaluation (as needed)

1.2.5. Phase V - Approval issued Receive Letter of Approval Update Ops Spec

2. Procurement

2.1. Request vendors for contract

2.1.1. OPT

2.1.2. Flysmart

2.2. Negotiate and Sign contracts

2.2.1. OPT

2.2.2. Flysmart

2.3. Payment

2.3.1. OPT

2.3.2. Flysmart

3. Deployment

3.1. Project Managers and Administrators

3.1.1. Assign Personnel

3.1.2. Training

3.2. Performance/obstacle database

3.2.1. Purchase

3.2.2. Customize and create

3.2.3. Distribute data to iPads

3.3. Flight crew

3.3.1. Training - CBT

3.3.2. Download APP