My perfect school

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My perfect school by Mind Map: My perfect school

1. School uniforms

1.1. uniforms for girls

1.1.1. white T-shirt, black skirt or pants

1.2. uniforms for boys

1.2.1. white T-shirt and black pants

2. classrooms and study areas

2.1. large classrooms

2.1.1. white painted walls with pictures huge windows,comfortable chairs all rooms should make you feel like you're home

3. Canteen

3.1. big tables for groups and people

3.1.1. colorful painted walls everything should be clean a large selection of food

4. Gardensand sports grounds

4.1. big gym for volleyball

4.1.1. big swimming pool large garden and fountain

5. equipment and technology

5.1. each classroom has a smart board

5.1.1. each student has their own computer