Hi guys, I'm K2, welcome to my review. I've spent way too long on Youtube & I chew though the med...

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Hi guys, I'm K2, welcome to my review. I've spent way too long on Youtube & I chew though the mediocre so you don't have to. by Mind Map: Hi guys, I'm K2, welcome to my review. I've spent way too long on Youtube & I chew though the mediocre so you don't have to.

1. Videogames and Mods

1.1. how Mods for PC killed the gaming Industry by turning them into Microtransactions

1.1.1. Black Mesa

1.1.2. Supreme Commander.

1.1.3. Skyrim

1.1.4. Fallout New Vegas Achievements

1.2. How DLC are basically PC’s with Mods

1.3. How all Ubisoft games are all the same

1.3.1. Tower Map Dynamic, the sidequests suck, the Microtransactions are terrible. Assassins Creed Revelations

2. Film Analysis

2.1. Screened

2.1.1. Korean Movies

2.2. Red Letter Media

2.2.1. They're so awesome even when they Shit talk an entire directors filmography they not only got him on the show multiple times after that but endeared him to their fans.

2.3. Movies to check out

2.3.1. Spear and Fang

2.4. Anime Analysis

2.4.1. Super Eye Patch Wolf,

2.4.2. The Take

2.5. The Critical Drinker

2.6. History Buffs

2.7. Tv Shows

2.7.1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5qLo25N5Wk&t=317s

3. Why Naruto is better than Harry Potter

3.1. I’m not an anime weeb, nor have I watched much anime in my time. But here's what I will say about Naruto. So firstly - let me ask you, do you have a dream? Do you plan on doing something big in between the vague childhood memories & the accelerating chaos before the maws of death? But more Importantly - How do you reach i? I read somewhere that a dream is just a goal without a plan. Can you reach that dream if you work hard, work towards it and craft the necessary skills all on your own? Or can you really only get there with support and help from others? This is a video not made for the Naruto fans, but mostly for those who never have enjoyed Naruto or even Anime in General Naruto is a series – blah blah You can look this up for yourselves - It's a story about ninja's that spans 8 generations of history and hundreds of characters. So why am I talking about an Anime that's over 20 years old? What has been said about it that hasn't been said about hundreds if not thousands of youtubers? Well to put it bluntly. Naruto does something I don't see very often. While it’s a show about values, morals and philosophy packaged for young teenagers otherwise known as a seinen. The story is somewhat crap (with one exception being the Tobi reveal.) the majority of the characters are mediocre (mostly apart from the Akasuki and their abilities) and the fucking flashbacks and filler are a shitsludge of suck. And while it's not on the level of lore or political intrigue of game of thrones it has one redeeming quality that sets it apart in ANY media. The entire show is about deception, its about predicting outwitting and outlasting your opponent before he can counter you.Because the show is about Ninjas - Because the show is about Ninjas -. Imagine if the houses of the magic academy of Harry Potter lived in different locations, and those houses had to fight over supremacy over who was to rule over the other - not some pathetic game of point-scoring. But actual injury and threat of death of children. IT HAS in my opinion, some of the greatest fight scenes of all time. When you watch a fight scene - It’s like a game of chess playing in front of your eyes at 2X speed. So you're both entertained but also thinking. Something that I rarely every see in action these days. Sure there's the Pipe in Commando, the Helicopter Blades in Universal Soldier. But they don't compare to the level of complexity in Naruto. For example - In the first few episodes kids over the age of 12 are forced to take an exam to become a ninja, which turns out, is far in excess of their knowledge. Questions like calculating the university level math and physics of throwing weapons at certain angles at certain speeds, & the rules certify that if any of their team members of which there are three fail, all of them fail. To the majority of the smartest of the kids it becomes obvious that the exam is impossible to pass and that their companions are going to crack and give up, but its clear to the smartest of them that there are also fake students with the right answers, and the true test is to cheat without being caught using their respective talents. (This is followed by a 5 day 10 kilometer marathon fight to the death eventually ending with a no holds barred tournament by the way) Every skill, every ability for each character is employed cleverly. From the awesome (show particle dis-materialization) to the plain ridiculously dumb (show bug dude’s ability with parasite infestation) yet most of them are utilised at the moment in the situation most of the time without you expecting it. Defensive and Offensive warfare are swapped moment by moment and the tides of battle change pace like the faces of a flipping coin. Simply put - There's three types of Ninja Abilities; Tiajutsu - which is marital arts, Ninjitsu which is usuing magical elements defensively and offensively and finally Genjustu which is basically Hypnotism. Unlike western tv shows or even most anime with some rare exceptions (jojo’s, Hunter X Hunter and some Marvel Movies) - Where the protagonist only needs to believe in themselves or remember what they’re fighting for and overcome the obstetrical. Or that they already planned around the plan (insert Hellsing Abridged) of the enemy and already outsmarted them. (show Rick and Morty Heist clip) Instead - The majority of the show is about teamwork. Sure there are some great moments where a characters special ability of using shadows used the position of the sun as a faint to move his enemy into position for a finishing move. But the The ability to overcome insane, almost paralyzing and grief striking threats using timing, understanding and collaboration are what allows the many to overcome the struggle of combat with overwhelming odds that is only possible in reality with co-operation and collaboration. It takes already established abilities that are shown years in the past and injects them perfectly where they need. Where you go "oh my god, I can't believe she/he did that, where did that come from? Oh yeah they learned that years ago, I remember now". Another example in Naruto is the concept of the team. Now in Role Playing games, you usually have a team of at least 3 people, A tank that can take damage, a healer and a Glass cannon or DPS which stands for Damage Per Second. Well Naruto takes this one step further where there are placements for each member as they move through hostile territory. Lets say for example you have a 5 man team. The Tank sits at the front, the healer in the middle and the rest covers each others back, a full 360 degree of sensory cover. _-------------------------------------------------- Even naruto himself establishes a form of teamwork with his inner demon, Kurama, which in the end, guides and tutors him both of his own stamina and the enemies strategies. This even comes into the form of the bro fist. Now - the show is far from perfect I implore you to give it a shot. But I highly recommend you check out Naruto KAI, where all the filler and flashbacks are taken out. I only wish there was a remix where it was in chronological order, because I think that would be bangin.

3.1.1. Teamwork - Episode 1&2

4. Pop Music Used to be Better

4.1. how Economics plays a Massive Part – Good Socialism and Steve Hughes,

4.2. Focus - Focus - Hocus Pocus Live '73

4.3. Steve Hughes - X Factor Steve Hughes on XFactor

4.4. Infant Annihilator - Cuntcrusher - Drum Play-through [OFFICIAL] [HD]

4.5. "TEENIE WEENIE" ft. Lucas Mann and Howie Favichia

5. Food/Drink Maybe use this into - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97CmxA1FA5s I bet being stuck in quarantine has you bored, and more often than not you have found yourself looking in the fridge out of said boredom. Well FEAR Not, today I present to you a few channels that will both entice you to experiment with your foodstuffs and liquor cabinet and entertain you while you enjoy the results.

5.1. First up we have Nat's What I Reckon - It's as Aussie as a sausage sizzle in the scorching sun on a Saturday arvo. A brilliantly, funny fight against Jar sauce. It will teach you the basics of home cooking, It's educational, entertaining and endearing. Just don't let your kids watch it. They might become a filthy mouthed accomplished chef.

5.1.1. How To Make Quarantine Sauce

5.2. Matt Stonie - Matthew Kai "Megatoad" Stonie is an American competitive eater. He is ranked number three in Major League Eating. And each week he eats a massive, colon exploding amount of food for your entertainment. He'll eat nearly anything, but mostly fast food. He will gracefully consume 1650 chips in one sitting. He set a world record for eating 103 Tacos in 8 minutes - if his videos doesn't stop you from being hungry, nothing will.

5.2.1. 1620 French Fry Challenge

5.2.2. 103 Tacos Eaten in 8mins (New World Record)

5.3. Binging with Babish

5.3.1. Babish is a show that mainly recreates food from a complex mix of tv, movies and occasionally animation. He's enjoyable as a presenter, short and sweet. From the Pidgeon pie of Game of Thrones to the Crabby Patty from Spongebob, This show has it all. Whats even better is that if a recipe is underwhelming, he experiments on how to make it even better. What I loved about his channel is that for almost 100 episodes he never showed his face, which to me is very important. When it comes to youtubers, if your content sucks your personality needs to make up for the lack entertainment. As for me I'm here to be entertained, not to be pandered to. Binging with Babish: Game of Thrones

5.3.2. Binging with Babish: Channel Trailer

5.4. How to Drink

5.4.1. How to Drink is a show about making drinks In the same vein of Binging with Babish. Greg Titian makes cocktails and sodas from movies, video-games and tv shows. From Harry Potter to Dune to The Simpsons. The High level of production with slow motion pours and fantastic lighting that make the drinks all look delicious. Greg first explains the context or history of the drink, creates it with tips and tricks & After tasting the results, Explains the tastes and texture of each. If it needs improvement shows how it could be even better. I'm pretty sure he records episodes in succession and sometimes looks a little wasted which is always fun and he acts like he's enjoying himself as much as a guy who gets paid to get drunk everyday. I recommend you check out his episode on the Broke My Toe Making a Flaming Moe to start. Dune Spice Beer & Spice Coffee | How to Drink The highest proof cocktail I've ever had | How to Drink

5.5. First We Feast

5.5.1. First we feast is an near 200 episode show that gathers celebrities and makes them eat progressively hotter chicken wings alongside deeper and difficult questions. What's refreshing about hot ones is that it's not the watered-down, pre-chewed content of celebrities that you always see in mass media. When it first started it was magic, sometimes a guest would come onto the show and their entire persona would melt. They'd lose their accent, their personality would change and the facade of their entire life's work could crumble in front of your eyes it was like peering behind the curtain that is . Hollywood. Sean Evans, the interviewer is a brilliant presenter who has so much humble charisma he seems like the type of guy to make friends with the demon that sleeps under your bed. His questions are incredibly well researched, well delivered and he seemingly can keep a conversation going with anyone about any topic while keeping it down to earth. As a result it comes across as genuine, and the celebrities feel like genuine people. While the show has become progressively more mainstream since getting increasingly famous celebrities like Justin Timberlake, it has also become more wholesome and fun, check out the Paul Rudd interview its the perfect example and it will put a giant smile on your face. Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones https://youtu.be/1HYEC_FlgAg

5.6. Food/Drink Part 2

5.6.1. $500 vs $16 Steak Dinner: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

5.6.2. Stale Bread, A Block of Cheese...It's Suppertime! - Cheese Soup

6. Philosophy/History

6.1. History

6.1.1. Sam-Onella Academy. Now this show is fantastic, put simply it's entertaining ridiculous stories from history presented as stick figure drawings with a good slice of comedy. Check out his video on the luckiest man alive Timothy Dexter: The Dumbest Rags-to-Riches Story, which will simply blow your fucking mind.

6.2. ContraPoints

6.2.1. ContraPoints is unique, its a show about lifestyles. At it's heart, its a transwomans take on certain topics of life. Usually sexual identity. Natalie Wynn describes herself as a ex-philosopher. What I find engaging about Contra-points is that she is able to see both sides of any argument, where they stem from and she doesn't shy away from the hard questions. Questioning your own sexuality and identity is hard enough, so analyzing and weighing others perspectives comes as second nature to her. Natalie is both charming, funny and incredibly intelligent in forming her opinions, and I find myself challenging my own perceptions about life and my own values in every video. Natalie asks the watcher such questions as - is Gay sex is the manliest kind of sex because there is no women involved? Is shame of your own sexuality a reflection of our own inherited expectations or a part of a biological mistake and punishment for not fitting in? Now when I first watched ContraPoints - All the videos I had watched up to that point were analyzing the issues of men, incels and Jordan Peterson etc. And I didn't even realize that she was a transwoman until she stated it. And while this came as a little surprise, I then started to ask why it even surprised me at all or was it even important? She forces you to think - And this is why the incredible work of Natalie Wynn deserves your attention. Her video on opulence is possibly the best eye opening video on American culture confronting the issue of wealth and class I've ever seen. She questions the fact that Americans hate the old fashioned pretentiously wealthy but are obsessed and adore the rich who opulently and openly flaunt it. Americans scorn the super conservative rich, not because of inequity or the crumbling corrupt infrastructure of their government but because it's seen as impossible to grasp. Like Celebrities, wealth in America must be earned, not inherited. Natalie Natalie asks the watcher such questions as - is Gay sex is the manliest kind of sex because there is no women involved? Is shame of your own sexuality a reflection of our own inherited expectations or a biological mistake? Now when I watched ContraPoints All the videos I had watched up to that point were analyzing the issues of men, incels and Jordan Peterson. And I didn't even realize that she was a transwoman until she stated it. And while this came as a little surprise, I then started to ask why it even surprised me at all or was it even important? She forces you to think - And this is why the incredible work of Natalie Wynn deserves your attention.

6.3. Wisecrack

6.4. The Future

6.4.1. I have heard it said that all we can do as adults is to do what we can to improve the world as we can and entrust the next generation to solve our mistakes. But I put this to you. It's been 2 Thousand years since our major religions were born, our moral centers upon which we base our laws on and I ask you. Where is our plan. 20 Centuries and we are nowhere near a plan to colonize another planet in case of an asteroid, no plan to combat climate change and the destruction of the entire world biosphere, and no agreed upon plan on how to raise and educate our kids on how THEY will deal with those problems. We still live in a paradigm where we focus on infinite growth on a planet with finite resources. What is the PLAN people. Where do we go from here? I am of the opinion that the only thing that forges us ahead as a species is technology. And I'm not simply talking about us monkeys using tools to be more productive at work and have more free time. I'm talking about the concept OF technology. In my opinion Morals Philosophy and Civilization allowed us to create and become human beings BECAUSE OF technology - The Ancient Greeks would have never created philosophy without alcohol and spare time. Those things like values, compassion and systems of living are a direct result of using technology to get more free time. I've read that the more energy efficient a civilization becomes, the more moral and egalitarian they become. Did anyone notice that around the same time we started using coal and eventually petroleum, we stopped using slaves? So I ask you, in this world of 3d Printing, Gene therapy, AI Algorithms and Coronavirus - WHY AREN'T WE PLANNING THE FUCK AHEAD? This year the world came to standstill, the economy dropped 30% millions of people became unemployed. We had all the time in the world, what did our political leaders do with it? Play Scrabble? With few exceptions - No, they did Jack Fucking Shit. Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review Naudet brothers 9/11 Documentary - 1st plane hits North Tower

7. Games

7.1. Noah Caldwell-Gervais

7.1.1. A thorough Mariana Trench level deep dive analysis into entire series of games like Call of Duty, Half Life, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption just to name a few, his retro style intro's warmly invite you into the thematic culture of each game series, how they compare and where they differ. What follows is an essay of each title, sometimes multiple hours in length and while his work could be seen as pretentious and his voice has been described as flat and not as animated as other game reviewers. To take it that way, you'd be missing the genius and patience that it requires. He analysis the plot, characters, themes and values of even minor characters and DLC and how they fit into the overall narrative of a game series. His work is professional, exceptionally well written and altogether a joy to listen to. He even dives sometimes into historical anecdotes that follow the theme of the video to give you further context and understanding of the fictional setting and keep the flow going. Defiantly one of the seriously underrated game reviewers on the internet. He treats Video-games as a form of art with the analysis that art deserves.

7.2. Nakey Jakey

7.3. Videogame Dunkey

7.4. Girlfriend reviews

7.4.1. Girlfriend Reviews is what it sounds like. The Girlfriend is a voice actor and a great singer, the boyfriend is a fantastic editor and brilliant scriptwriter. The channel is mainly what video-games are like from a partners perspective, every video is filled with memes and references and when it launched it was such quality that the youtube and reddit community thought it was a corporate stunt using secret agents.

7.5. Ross's game dungeon

7.6. Jimquisition

7.7. StealthgamerBR

7.7.1. My Top 15 Best Kills of Decade (Special 1 Million+Setup)

7.8. GAMES V2

7.8.1. The best YouTube gaming channels

8. Deep Comedy

8.1. Doug Stanhope

8.2. George Carlin

8.3. Bill Hicks

8.4. Steve Hughes

8.5. Absurdist Humor

8.5.1. Eric Endre

8.5.2. Monty Python,

8.5.3. Red Letter Media

8.5.4. The Cyanide & Happiness Quarantine Time Machine

8.5.5. Roulette - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

8.5.6. Pull My Finger - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

9. Warhammer 40k

9.1. the absurdity of reality and the future of the human species, Kashidev Scale, Space Exploration.

10. Life Lessons

11. Internet History

11.1. Politics/Memes/Philosophy

11.1.1. Reddit, Digg and the Front Page of the Internet how memes propagate, influence poltics – 4chan,Digg, and Trump

11.2. Memes

11.2.1. Internet Historian

11.2.2. EmpLemon

11.3. Internet Comment Etiquette: "Don't Drink Bleach"

11.4. James Rolfe / AVGN / Cinemassacre Mailbag 3 - Live like a Windrammer as you Fuck

11.5. Red Vs Blue

12. Workout

12.1. How To Get Bigger Forearms FAST (3 Science-Based Tips)

13. The Magic of Anime Music Videos

13.1. Edgar Wright

13.2. AMV Hell

13.2.1. Youtube Poop

14. Tech

15. Politics

15.1. Jimmy Kimmel Represents Everything Wrong with American Entertainment

15.2. George Carlin on "the American Dream"

15.3. Politics isn't us Vs Them, its People and Policy

15.3.1. 'A Promised Land': Barack Obama tells his story in new autobiography

16. Why Big Hero 6 is the best Superhero Movie of all Time

16.1. Character Development

16.1.1. The Main Character

16.1.2. The Black Guy

16.2. Humanity for a robot

16.2.1. It's insane that they made a Character that's completely emotionally devoid of facial expressions not only incredibly heartwarming but someone you cry for when they're gone.

16.3. Teamwork

16.3.1. Think your way around the Problem

16.4. Pacifism

16.4.1. Helping People

16.5. Star Trek of the 21st Century

16.6. Anyone can be a Hero

16.7. Emotional Connection

16.8. Teaching Kids to deal with loss

16.8.1. The Scene From One Piece

16.9. The Twist

16.10. The Soundtrack