various types of validity and reliability

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various types of validity and reliability by Mind Map: various types of validity and reliability

1. Validity Evidence

1.1. Content

1.1.1. ensure the test measures the instructional objectives

1.2. Criterion-Related

1.2.1. concurrent using an acceptable existing standard

1.2.2. predictive this type of test predicts future behavior of the examinee

1.3. construct

1.3.1. a test has construct validity if it is relationship to the information corresponds well with some theory

2. Reliability

2.1. Test-retest

2.1.1. test retest is a method of estimating reliability by giving a test twice and comparing scores

2.2. Alternate Forms

2.2.1. having an equivalent form of test

2.3. Internal Consistency

2.3.1. split half method splitting the test into two sections and evaluating it under different approaches

2.3.2. Kunder-Richardson methods the method of measuring the extent to which items from within one form of the test have as much in common with one another as do the items in that one form with corresponding items in an equivalent form.