Build Context, Text, and Disciplinary Knowledge

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Build Context, Text, and Disciplinary Knowledge by Mind Map: Build Context, Text, and Disciplinary Knowledge

1. Problem

1.1. "In order for students to become proficient at "reading to learn,"... they need to know something about the topics they will encounter in the text to make connections to the ideas and elaborate their prior understandings" (p. 99)

1.2. "...students also need to know about the customary ways of thinking, and therefore reading, that constitute the practice of science, history, math, and literature" (p. 99)

2. Ideas

2.1. Think Metacognitively About Prior Knowledge

2.1.1. activate prior knowledge

2.1.2. Headline Hunt

2.1.3. develop prior knowledge

2.2. Different Kinds of Knowledge

2.2.1. Text Knowledge Support with cloze paragraphs

2.2.2. Word Knowledge Support with "survival words"

2.2.3. Disciplinary Knowledge Interrogate their thoughts on the discipline

2.3. Action Points

2.3.1. Building Motivation/Concepts for studying expository texts Make new connections for students. Instead of history, justice. (This is a lot like the Challenge Question of the Legacy Cycle.)

2.3.2. Creating schema for reading expository texts Relate graphic organizers to text structure Create reading plans with students Model your thinking

3. Key Ideas

3.1. Kids bring knowledge with them

3.2. Kids bring interest with them

3.3. Teachers must build on and organize this knowledge and interest