Speech Brainstorming Topic: Condo are Good! Note: KAIROS!!! + some Pathos

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Speech Brainstorming Topic: Condo are Good! Note: KAIROS!!! + some Pathos by Mind Map: Speech Brainstorming Topic: Condo are Good! Note: KAIROS!!! + some Pathos

1. Environmentally Friendly

1.1. Produce less waste heat than several detached houses of the same volume.

1.2. Is easier to regulate temperature than several detached houses, thus using less air-conditioning. Air-conditioners produce a carbon byproduct, which contributes to global warming - and condos produce less of it.

1.3. A condo takes up much less space and land than multiple condos - helps deforestation for land and creates more space for farms.

1.3.1. Growing population of 7 Billion

1.3.2. Food Crisis - Less land need to be taken up for housing, land can be used for farming #!.

1.3.3. "Help suffering environment" - Pathos

1.3.4. "We caused it, and we need to fix it" - Pathos + Kairos

1.4. We are killing ourselves by cutting down our planet's lungs - the forest - for land.

1.4.1. Less land used for housing = stop deforestisation?!?!

2. Easy to Maintain

2.1. Do not need to worry about upkeep, maintenance, or liability of a condo.

2.1.1. Pay monthly maintenance fees instead.

2.2. Condo unit owners can decide, in agreement, for what improvements to make for the condominium building.

3. Secure Home Environment

3.1. Is well protected and guarded, with 24-hour security.

3.2. Can leave your condo for an extended period of time without worry.

3.3. Also, condo safety teams preserve the quality of living conditions that a condominium presents.

4. Convenient

4.1. Have a 24-hour concierge that can help you with any difficulties in the condo.

4.2. Usually strategically placed near establishments.

4.2.1. Near Companies.

4.2.2. Near Shopping Cenres.

4.2.3. Near Schools

4.2.4. Near Transport

4.2.5. Near Public Establishments (Community Centres, etc.)

4.2.6. Near hospitals

4.3. Condos have amenities that are extremely convenient, like...

4.3.1. Gyms

4.3.2. Swimming Pools

4.3.3. Exercise Rooms

4.3.4. Tennis Courts

4.3.5. etc.

4.3.6. Stores

4.3.7. Snack bars.

4.4. Children are more free around a condo.

4.4.1. Can make more friends than in a neighbourhood, as they would interact with people in a condo more.

4.4.2. Parents do not need to worry about children's safety in a condo, as they do not have to cross roads when visiting friends

4.5. Ideal for singles, young professionals, small families, and couples, condominiums or condos allow you to enjoy a different home way of living that equates to satisfaction and comfort.

5. Affordable and Economically Friendly

5.1. Potential resale profit as the condo appreciates in market value.

5.2. The average condominium is 20% cheaper than their single-family home counterparts.

5.3. Are very ideal for a limited budget. (Such as student, a first-time buyer, or a low-salary job).

5.4. You can have all the luxuries of owning your own home at a shared cost.

5.5. Condos will increase your buying power.

5.6. There are many overbuilt condos, and are sold cheaper than other condos around the world (such as in Las Vegas).

6. Less Privacy

6.1. Hard to find parking spaces.

6.2. Higher noise level generated because of proximity to neighbours.

6.2.1. More social living environment? depends on person.

6.3. Owners may not feel as "free" at home because neighbors are living only a wall apart.

7. Restrictions

7.1. Some condos may have restrictions such as no pets, no outdoor barbecues, etc.

7.2. No back or front yard.

7.2.1. Has Balcony

7.3. Generally smaller living space than house.

8. Both Houses and Condos - Conclusion?!

8.1. Pride of ownership from being an owner rather than a renter.

8.2. Homeowner tax benefits.