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Robbery Items by Mind Map: Robbery Items
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Robbery Items

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Money Laundering Payoff

Trade Weapons Cache

Special Bullets

Tear Gas Canister

Custom Weapon

Rob a Supply Store

Special Bullets

Vault Burner

Gas Mask

Bolt Cutters

Night Vision Goggles

Rob an Armored Security Vehicle

Police Scanner

Extort a small time Gangster


Pistol Magazine

Trade Forged Documents

Steal e-bank details

Rob a Local Business

2 Way Radios

Baseball Bat

Bribe a Petty Thief


Sell Pirate Goods

Mug a Tourist

Cell Phone

Pickpocket on Train

Auto Theft

Hijack a vehicle at traffic lights

Cell Phone

Steal from a vehicle park

Bolt Cutters

Steal your neighbors vehicle

Secret Document

Steal an Officials vehicle


Steal from the Police Impound

Police Scanner

Organized Crimes

Organized Kidnapping

Leader, Cell Phone

Driver, Police Scanner

Intelligence, Secret Document

Negotiator, Secret Document, 2-Way Radio

Kidnapper, Balaclova

Organized Smuggling



Secret Document

Unorganized Smuggling

Police Scanner

Custom Weapon