Chpt 6: What are the Experiences & Effects of Living in a Diverse Society?

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Chpt 6: What are the Experiences & Effects of Living in a Diverse Society? by Mind Map: Chpt 6: What are the Experiences & Effects of Living in a Diverse Society?

1. 1. Increased Interactions

1.1. COMMON SPACE (Strategy)

1.1.1. Definition Physical space, shared values and common experiences that build our national identity.

1.1.2. Impact Allows diff communities to interact & mingle Provides opportunities for cultural exchanges Deepen inter-racial/religious understanding

1.1.3. Examples Educational institutions Pri/Sec Schools Polytechnics/ITEs Universities etc National Service Community-led initiatives (TB p. 160 -161) IRCC People's Assocation

2. 2. Exchange & Appreciation

2.1. Impact

2.1.1. Diversity in nationality, race, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic status creates distinct experiences and fusions

2.1.2. Allows people to learn and appreciate and embrace each other's cultures

2.2. Examples

2.2.1. Food fusions "Laksa Linguine" Ondeh Ondeh Cake

2.2.2. Music Krsna and Govin Tan playing Indian classical musical instruments

2.2.3. Fashion Priscilla Shunmugam & Hayden Ng draw inspirations from various cultures in their designs

2.2.4. Research & Development (R&D) Exchange of skills knowledge for eg in biomedical research

3. 3. Challenges*

3.1. Conflicting views on values, beliefs and customs can occur among diff communities

3.1.1. Stereotypes Widely held beliefs that can be both positive or negative

3.1.2. Prejudice Preconceived negative opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

3.1.3. Discrimination Unfair treatment of others due to differences in race, religion, age, gender, socio-economic status etc

3.2. Examples (refer to textbook for more)

3.2.1. 'Islamophobia' after 9/11 attacks

3.2.2. Chinese national called Singaporeans ‘dog’ in an internet post

3.2.3. Amy Cheong's Facebook post on Malay weddings

3.2.4. Local Singaporeans' xenophobia against foreigners

3.3. Reasons for challenges

3.3.1. Competition over standard of living Locals are worried of the impact of increasing number of foreigners in employment, housing etc

3.3.2. Competition over social mobility Widening age gap between rich & poor