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Being on Mission by Mind Map: Being on Mission
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Being on Mission

1. Be Responsible



Paradigm Excersises

Choice, not victim

I can, not IQ


2. Clarify Values

"Whats important to me?"

GAP-Anaylsis (Coach)

The Ladder

Inner search, meditate

3. Have A Vision

Vision Triangle

The Vision Finder


Jim Collins, 3 Circles/Igel-Prinzip

4. Live Your Vision

"Whats the most important thing for me to do now"

GAP Analysis (Selbst/Fremdbild)

Weekly Planing, SMART Goals

Golden Dozen Whats the most important"-answer

Reflection on your current state

being effective

5. Strive For Live Balance

being effective

state of 'being on mission'

private, the things you know you have to do to stay balanced

Life-Balance Analysis -> go back to 4

8. Give And Take (Negotiation Principle)

active Listening

create Win/Win

9. Focus On Empathy (Coaching Principle)

Coaching methods/tools

Increase EQ

affirm worth/potential

10. Involve and Commit (Leadership Principle)

Tribal Mapping

Management Styles

New node

7. Focus On Relationship Builders (Clienting Principle)

active deposit

Emotional Bankaccount

6. Re-Energize Weekly

FITT Concept

Re-Charge your Batteries