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enterprise computing by Mind Map: enterprise computing

1. Enterprise-Wide Technologies and Methodologies

1.1. Some technologies used in enterprises include

1.2. A portal

1.3. A data warehouse

1.4. Web services

1.5. A workflow

2. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

2.1. Virtualization is the practice of sharing or pooling computing resources

3. Enterprise Hardware

3.1. Enterprise hardware

3.2. RAID

3.3. Network attached storage (NAS)

3.4. A storage area network (SAN)

4. What Is Enterprise Computing?

4.1. Enterprise computing

4.2. Types of enterprises include

4.3. Most traditional enterprises are organized in a hierarchical manner

4.4. In an enterprise, users typically fall into one of four categories

4.5. Enterprise information

4.6. Managers

5. Information Systems in the Enterprise

5.1. An information system is a set of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work together to produce information

5.2. Functional units within an enterprise might include

5.3. A human resources information system (HRIS) manages one or more human resources functions

5.4. Employee relationship management systems manage communication between employees and the business

5.5. Computer-aided design (CAD) uses a computer and special software to aid in engineering, drafting, and design

6. Backup Procedures

6.1. Continuous data protection provides automatic data backup whenever data is changed in an enterprise

6.2. A disaster recovery plan

6.3. Contains four major components