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1895/1995 by Mind Map: 1895/1995

1. Now the Internet and Moving Pictures both use each other. Cross breeding,

2. Motion Pictures

2.1. One way form of communication

2.2. Expense and must be produced.

2.3. Higher quality

2.4. It is a one way street

2.5. evolution in early period

2.6. innovations over century to look back upon

2.6.1. sound

2.6.2. color

2.6.3. widescreen

2.6.4. Television HDTV

3. The Internet

3.1. Is interactive, Web 2.0 depends on user content

3.2. Content can be easily made and puslished.

3.3. More amateurish

3.4. Is a 2 way + street

3.5. The future of the internet in comparison of the evolution of the motion picture

3.6. Uses motion pictures

3.7. Innovations in the past 20 years are most prevalent. From text, graphical, hypertext, sound, and video. From chat rooms to Facebook.

4. Similarities

4.1. Project images onto a screen. Visual Photographic images

4.2. Movement of images. The gradual motion picture vs. the gradual integration of movies on web 2.0

4.3. A way of communicating ideas.

4.4. There is no central owner

4.5. Many smaller entities capitalistically grow in this free environment to make money

4.6. Former art forms now have to assimilate into film / internet... early films with sound vs. MTV vs. youtube videos

4.7. both can be educational or entertainment

4.8. both can be artistic and have asthetics

4.9. both rely on technology

4.10. both rely on social and economic conditions

4.11. Both were novelties, but pundits of both eras saw the significance early on.

4.12. Both have spawned new ancillary markets

5. Quantitative examples

5.1. early cinema attendance numbers vs. internet access numbers

5.2. Money made per industry $$$

5.3. Corporate private interests